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[2016 edition] All I Want for Christmas is …

With the excitement that Christmas may be days away I decided to get this one done. I love coming up with my own ideas for events and updates and as you may or may not know: Christmas is my favourife part of the year!! 🎄🎅 love it so much.

I decided to mix up my usual idea ramble. Normally I do a text ramble but because that is usually quite big I split it up. Well … For my Christmas ideas I decided to do a podcast/video! 
I know some of you prefer to read so there is a very abridged version of my ideas along with specific content requests for my ideas.

If that doesn’t work CLICK HERE

Here is an abridged text version with content:

Idea 1: Christmas Cheer
Storyline: Martha Stewart or Decorating person comes and helps Springfield gain Christmas Cheer.
Content ideas: Martha Stewart, loads of decorations, NIGHT MODE (WITH PLUNGER!) – Please EA!!

Idea 2: Journey to North Pole
Storyline: Homer tries to recreate the North Pole in Springfield to gain toursists.
Content: Snow tiles, Otto the train driver (skin), the Polar Train and some tracks, Toy Workshop stations, Santa Claus, Elfs … So much more!

Idea 3: Let it Snow
Storyline: Kids have a snowball fight tournament.
Content: Snow ball fight game, snow forts, Snow suit skins, STAR SNOW SUIT SKIN FOR MAGGIE (!!) and snow creations

Idea 4: Church VS Adverts
Storyline: Ned get’s annoyed how people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and starts a campaign to stop adverts and get everyone going to Church.
Content: Return of Cosingtons (with Daughter – Robobot reminded me), Christmas billboards, Nativity skins (and return of the set), GIL as a playable character (with Santa skin)

Here is what Robobot said he wanted:

This Update could introduce more kids like last year’s Christmas update like….
A Rebate on Costington with his Daughter
Kent Brockman’s Daughter
Allison’s House
A Rebate for the Grumple with the Christmas Special House
And Santa Krusty with the Rundown Office
Maybe Krusty wants to appeal to kids so he tries to Reopen Santa’s Village. There could be a joke on how Krustyland failed

Hope you enjoyed the video. Please leave a like and comment. Look out for any Christmas clues or news. Leave a comment below about what YOU want and Happy Tapping

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  1. Great ideas Sam and Robobot ♡

    Love the video 🙂

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