This post will be updated with more information and more details are known and I play through the update!

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Howdy tappers, this American game just got more Americanny with a new 4th of July update that hit our games. 4th of July is just round the corner so it makes sense for EA to release the American update that they always have done around this time. No play-store update, just an in-game download that will start a dialogue with Kent Brockman to find a new mayor. Find the basic ins and outs of this new update …

Dialogues and Walkthoughs will be added in a future post

So Gil is back with a new character/decoration combo for our games which is kick-started after the Kent Brockman dialogue where the screen will pan to a begging Gil with the American flag icon above his head. After the dialogue, being covered in a future post, then the Gil Deal screen will pop up:

Teddy Roseavelt Unlock Screen

This deal is 200 donuts and brings …
Teddy Roosevelt character and a mountain/forest area (the national park)

Robobot or I will do a Gil Deal All you need to know post.

Roosevelt comes with a questline and after the mountain/forest area is placed you will see the unlock screen and his exclamation mark prompt.

The update also brings a range of American themed new and returning content …
(thanks to Em for the below image:)




Extra notes

Old Faithless 40 donuts NEW!
Lincoln’s Cabin 150 donuts Returning
Ye Olde Cherry Tree 180 donuts Returning
Scandal-gate hotel 150 donuts Returning from 4th of July 2015
Nighthawk Diner 90 donuts Returning
Presidential Estate & Freedom 100 donuts Building/NPC combo
American Flag $5600 (in-game cash) Returning
Pinwheel Firework 40 donuts Returning
Lisa Statue & Box of Fireworks 95 donuts Decorations
Lincoln Memorial $100000 (in-game cash) Returning
Firework’s barge 80 donuts Returning
Holo-Flag 15 donuts Returning
All-American Apu 30 donuts Returning
Liberty Bell $50000 (in-game cash) Returning

NOTE: Unless you want multiples of the Pinwheel Firework then I don’t recommend getting one. SPOILER: You will get a free one on 4th of July!

What else changed?

The Social Battle prize costs have changed:

Tungsten Dude – went from 10 to 3
Sciencewater Cooler – went from 20 to 7
Kiosk – went from 32 to 12
STEM-antha – went from 45 to 19
Trading Card Box – went from 56 to 25
Gluteus – went from 68 to 34
Pie Man Epic Statue – went from 80 to 44
First Aid Kit – went from 92 to 54
Meg Ahertz – went from 105 to 66
One Week Wonder Films – went from 115 to 77.

So that is why you probably got spammed with unexpected social prizes when you logged in! It scared me! 🙂

So there are the basics of the update. I will update the table above and this post with more details when I play through this update but for now happy tapping

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