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A Game of Chance: Gym Locker Mystery Box!!! 

Hiya Tappers! The Springfield Games Mini Event had just hit, and it’s time to do an overview of the New item, the Gym Locker Mystery Box! 

What Is the Gym Locker Mystery Box? 

The Gym Locker Mystery Box is a new item for the store that costs 75 Donuts. When you buy the Mystery Box, you get one of 5 items, sometimes you get a good value, or you get a not so good value. 

What Prizes Can You Win from from the Mystery Box? 

You can win assorted returning characters and skins from last year’s Tap Ball Event in the Mystery Box. Here’s the Prizes:

Jockey Bart and Furious D (Was 100 Donuts in Tap Ball, Best Item to Win) 

Tennis Marge (Was Tap Ball Act 2 Prize, an okay prize) 

Ballet Ralph (Was Tap Ball Act 3 Prize, a better prize than Tennis Marge as Ralph doesn’t have many skins like Marge, and 75 Donuts is an Okay Price for a skin) 

Kung Fu Comic Book Guy (Was Tap Ball Daily Challenge Prize, like Ralph, CBG doesn’t have a lot of skins, and 75 Donuts isn’t too bad) 

Torador Grampa (Was 85 Donuts in Tap Ball, 2nd best prize)

Mystery Box Verdict: 

These Boxes are a nice idea. These boxes are similar to in the Family Guy Mobile Game, where every event has a different mystery box that contains assorted items. The Bad thing about those boxes is that they can just contain event currency. I hope these boxes become permanent additions, but I hope it doesn’t become too much like the Family Guy Mystery Boxes. They’re awesome just the way they are. 

What’s your opinion on the Mystery Boxes? Comment Below! 

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  1. Here’s my opinion…. 😛

    Yes, Furious D is the best win. Maybe the only good win. Toreador Abe is actually 85 donuts (not an opinion, but I’ll let that slide)… That’s important because the box description says the minimum value is 85. This also means that EA is saying that the Tap Ball free prizes are all worth at least 85 donuts. The problem with saying that is that the skins don’t earn at a premium rate. 🙁 So, back to my opinion: none of those other skins are worth it. But, I do love Ralph’s “sumbersaults”. Tennis Marge looks nice, but I rarely use her outfit. Surprisingly, CBG has a lot of skins in my game (Winter 2015, Tap Ball, Superheroes). I hope that helped. 😉

  2. Not a great offer for me. I only need the Grandpa skin and I wouldn’t pay 75 donuts for it.

    I like the general idea though!

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