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A Talk about TSTO Mothers

First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mum’s out there that work your socks off for your family – you’re amazing! Let’s use this day to celebrate the amazing deeds that mum’s worldwide do out of the kindness in their hearts

With today being the day for Mother’s, I thought I would do an organised ramble about TSTO mum’s: the ones we have and the ones we don’t have yet. 

DISCLAIMER: to all you Americans out there … no, I have not misspelled ‘mom’ throughout the post, I just refuse to write anything other then ‘mum’ 😁 …

So let’s start this ramble off with the first mum in TSTO that comes to mind … Marge …

In my opinion Marge is underused in the show and I don’t know if this is some “on purpose” symbolism about how mistreated she is to her family because I feel like most episodes resolve around Homer or Bart messing up and Marge forgiving them – and don’t even get me started on Lisa’s underated place in the show.

When I think about Marge episodes I think about “In Marge we Trust”, “Marge in Chains” and other fun episodes located in the golden era BUT we don’t get enough of them. And I mean we don’t get enough good Marge episodes. Let’s take “Orange is the new Yellow” which (as far as I can remember) is the most recent episode with a Marge related main plot. It was an okay episode but it took Marge for what she is and what she’s forgotten for and forgot it and that is love ❤, her selfless and helpful love towards others and her family.

Marge isn’t used enough in TSTO (as well) in my opinion. I would love to give Witch Marge a break from riding around Springfield on her broom to actually be a major part of an event. The last costume we got for her was Muscular Marge way back in August 2015! Don’t you think Homer should have a break from expanding his wardrobe?

Leading on from Marge we also have Luan in our games who is mother to Milhouse. She comes with the Cracker Factory for 150 donuts when you’ve reached level 37 and I enjoy having her in my town. Maybe it’s because I feel bad for Milhouse, Maybe it’s because I like seeing her roll around town …

Okay, so who else do we have? Ah yes, Agnus Skinner, Mrs Muntz, Manjula …

Wow, I’m exhausted from thinking about caring for 8 babies – *goes for a biscuit* – Right …

Who am I missing? Yes, you may think I’m missing out on the mother of Rodd and todd. But there’s one thing …

She’s a ghost! I don’t speak from experience here but I don’t believe someone who has tasks to “haunt Springfield” and get “revenge” is a very motherly figure. That’s why I REALLY want an Alive skin for Maude …

I’m going to be honest here … I don’t like the idea of ghost characters. I am extremely grateful that with characters like Rabbi K and Frank Grimes they’ve decided to add them as ‘alive’ embodiments of themselves because all you can really do with a ghost character is have tasks about revenge and that gets boring.

Rodd and Todd need an alive mum and not a knife wielding ghost mum. (<- do you think EA are getting the hint!?)

Talking about children that need mother’s … Ralph wants his mummy!

Sarah Wiggum

I’ll admit that there are at least 10 characters that I want before getting Sarah but I think that Ralph’s getting tired of playing Wiggle Puppy at the station and needs a mummy to play with. Mummy Wiggum (yes, that’s what I call her 😁) is a background character, in my opinion, and I can’t actually think of many visual tasks that wouldn’t be joint with Clancy or Ralph but I’m sure EA would do a great job (no pressure!) with eventually adding Sarah to the game.

And let’s listen to another Mum of TSTO …

Won’t someone please think of the children ~ Helen Lovejoy (mother to Jessica Lovejoy)

I think I’ve ran out of directly relavent content to ramble about so I’m going to stop – maybe another day I’ll ramble, seperatly, about ghost characters 😃.

Alissa did a great series a few years ago that I reread recently about the women of Springfield and I recommended reading them if you haven’t: The Real Housewives of Springfield

I’m out today with family. What are you doing today? What’s your favourite Marge storyline? Tell us below and Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mum’s out there! ❤ Happy Tapping …

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  1. No problem with “mum” vs. “mom” (in fact, I prefer it, because I airways hear your voice when I read what you’ve written, and “mum” certainly is more fitting), but what threw me, as a Yank, is that out Mothers Day isn’t until May! Didn’t realize yours was in March.

    Live and learn! 🙂

  2. U forgotten one more mother Helen Lovejoy

  3. What a lovely post for Mother’s Day Sam 🙂

    I like the episode ‘Homer Alone’ … lucky Marge having a break at Rancho Relaxo 🙂

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