Hello fellow tappers and welcome to ‘A Tappers Weekly Roundup’ were we will rounding up all of the latest Simpsons, Tapped Out and TOuk news that happened in the last week. There will also be ‘animation of the week’ which is a part of the post that celebrates a character animation that we like or find funny! So read on to get your week roundup …

Also use this post as an open thread that will be up 1pm every Sunday! Can you be the first to comment?

On Monday
11th July

Robobot did a review and overview of Issue 2 to mark Issue 2 ending in 24hrs and the soon arrival of Issue 3.

The post can be found here!

On Tuesday
12th July

Issue 3 hit!

Issue 3 brought 1 new premium character (The Scoutsmaster) and 1 returning decoration as freemium (Zenith City Phone Booth)

On Wednesday
13th July

I did a All you need to know with video about The Scoutsmaster. Find the post here

On Thursday
14th July

The Bastille Day crafting combo was live! Find the All you need to know post on Charcoal Britiqque here

On Friday
15th July

The 3rd and penultimate chapter of the saga of super Springfield was published.

Click here to read it

The 600th episode of The Simpsons was announced to be Treehouse of Horror XXVVII.

Find out plots, dates and all we know so far here

On Saturday
– 16th July

Origin servers went down and a majority a players got logged out and couldn’t get back in (find post here) but the problem is solved – Whoo Hoo!

And today
Sunday 17th July

Nothing major happened! Sunday Chill Time

And now for …
Animation of the Week

Matt Greoning – Try to erase Homer (joint with Homer) 24hrs

Love this task! Makes me chuckle every time. Joint tasks are my favourite when they are funny and visual so this one has to be a favourite especially due to it’s significance

Do you agree with the animation choice? Any opinions on this week’s post? Please chat in the comments and I can’t see where this goes

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