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Act 1 leaving / Act 2 preparation

The Wild West event hit our games last week and with 3 fun acts to work our way through the event, there is tons to remember and do!

We now have 24hrs until the first act leaves our games and act 2 arrives so giddy-up partners and get all those final prizes, finish that questline and get the final items – leaving tomorrow – that you want.

Act 1 is leaving tommorow at 8:00am (GMT) so the act 1 prize line, questline and items will go!
Act 1 items leaving…
To get a full rundown of Act 1 items then visit here
Stock and Two-story outhouses – These were the items in the first returning wave for Act 1!
What’s the returning item waves
In every act (around the middle of the act) EA will give us a chance to buy, at a much higher price, items in previous events that fit with the theme.

Stock – 10 donuts
Two-story Outhouse – 50 donuts


The Wilted Rose – 60 donuts
A fun Western building that comes with a short questline and a hilarious permanent outdoor task for Agnus!


Frink’s Mechano Spider – A huge stationary decoration that has a cool animation, short questline and fun animated task for Frink!
Unless you have Frink and REALLY want this then I would pass!


Quicksand – a block of dirt with cool design and a fun animation when tapped (the hat blows off and a guy underneath puts it back)
In my opinion it’s way too pricey for a decoration! There are loads of fun, cheap or even free decorations coming soon in the event so I would pass

Check out the full rundown and opinions of Act 1 items here

Act 2 Preparation
Act 2 will start tommorow at 8:00am (GMT) and arrives with a new questline and items!

My preparation tips
* Make sure that you don’t send your characters on 24hr tasks today so that by tommorow all your characters will be free (you never know what EA might ask us to do)
* Save up those Sprinklies – Trust me there are some fun items heading are way for act 2 and 3 so don’t waste those donuts on rubbish act 1 items unless you REALLY want them!
* Finish up the Act 1 questline and rush to get the final prizes!

Items coming up in the event SPOILERS
If you want to know what items are coming soon in the event then check out the great topix post here! I would use this site to see if there are any items you want to start saving for so you don’t waste your donuts on items that you don’t want!

Over to you…

Are you looking forward to Act 2? Finished the Act prize line and quest? Got any fun items from Act 1? Opinion on the event so far? Tell us in the comments as your answers brighten up our day! When act 2 hits simp7fan will do a Act 2 item post but for now Happy Tapping …

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