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Act 1 questline …

The cowboy event is up and running and there is a fun questline to go with the first act!
The first act ends on may the third so you have plenty of time to complete the tasks, get the free buildings and unlock the prizes!


So here is the act 1 questline…

Once Upon A Time In Springfield Pt 1
Make Lisa research gold coin 6s

Once Upon A Time In Springfield Pt 2
Build Town Plaza This is free and takes 6s

Once Upon A Time In Springfield Pt 3
Make Apu sell overpriced supplies 6s and has a fun animation


Make Springfielders buy overpriced supplies ×3 6s

Once Upon A Time In Springfield Pt 4
Make Homer file people up 6s has a fun animation of Homer falling down stairs

Make Springfielders get riled up ×3 6s
Make Lisa search for clues 6s

Once Upon A Time In Springfield Pt 5
Build general store FREE and takes 6s to build
Complete a general store exchange
Unlock and place the cactus rock

Once Upon A Time In Springfield Pt 6
Make Homer get robbed 6s
Clear bandit hideouts ×3
You do that by tapping on the hats located above some buildings


Clear bandits to upgrade town Plaza ×20
This will upgrade the town Plaza to level 2


Once Upon A Time In Springfield Pt 7
Send prospector in friends town ×1
If you don’t know what this means there is a post coming!

Once Upon A Time In Springfield Pt 8
Start a craze at the town Plaza – this is either Homer or Apu 4hrs
Generate Resources at the town plaza ×98
Unlock General Store Day 1 prizes × 2

Once Upon a Time in Springfield Pt. 9

Place Dirt x5
Place Dirt Road x5
Make Springfielders Use Frontier Mannerisms- 8hrs

Once Upon a Time in Springfield Pt. 10

Unlock Gummy Joe- 740 maps (first act 1 prize)
Make Homer and Gummy Joe Drink at the Saloon- 4hrs
Collect All Finale Pieces
Finale pieces are the Stage Coach, Cowboy Homer, Sign, & Hitched Horse

The final part of the questline is made to slow you down! There is no point rushing as you have got more than 10 days until this questline goes! So that’s the first questline a bunch of 6s tasks, with the odd longer task, and a few FREE buildings but normally as the event goes on the tasks get longer (so the questline for act 3 might be made up of 12 hour tasks!)

Hope your enjoying the first act of this fun event! There is so much to explore in this one so more posts will be coming but be patient! We aren’t robots! Look for future posts explaining the many wonders of this update but try exploring yourself.

What do you think of the event so far? Have you finished the questline already? Tell us what you think as we love hearing from you!

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  1. How are people liking the new event!?

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