Hello. Simp7fan again. Freemium player with free(mium) opinions on the new store items.


The following six items are available until the end of the Wild West event. I’ll give a short description of each, then maybe an opinion or recommendation. Note: I don’t own any of these yet, except for Maggie’s outfit.

Prairie Maggie is a skin (outfit) for Maggie. It costs 65 donuts. I did happen to purchase this one. I bought it because it’s for Maggie, it’s kinda cute, and gives me something else for her to do in between rounds of Where’s Maggie. I thought she’d have a rifle, but that appears to only happen in task name and on the unlock screen. I’d say it’s worth it. Outfits for around 60 donuts isn’t too bad, as long as you like the character. It has a funny questline, too.

Sneed’s Feed & Seed is available for 90 donuts. That’s an okay price for a building, but I’m just really unfamiliar with it, plus we got so many Wild West buildings for free that this one doesn’t stand out at all for me. I’d pass unless you have some affinity for it.

The Hot Springs is a pretty decent sized decoration. It costs 45 donuts. I’m a little bit tempted by it, but personally don’t have enough interest unless I was serious about decorating my town. If I was, this would go great…somewhere.

The Old West Sign is available for 35 donuts. It’s an okay looking sign, but a pretty good size. The only thing to consider is how will it go along with the Bloodbath Gulch Sign.

The Horse Trough and Wooden Barrel are available for 10 donuts each, so you can complete the Act 2 Finale. Again, not worth it, but they are nice decorations if you got them for free.

Returning Content Wave 3

The Cactus Patch has returned for 20 donuts, after being a craftable item about a year ago. The big negatives on this are that they can’t be placed on dirt nor are they even the right color as our new dirt tiles. It is also 5 donuts more than the new transparent patches (Cacti) that can be placed on dirt. I don’t know why anyone would buy this over the new one.

The Rolling Rock is a fun item. It is 80 donuts. Just one of those items you might get if you like its style.

The Giant Grasshopper costs 35 donuts. It’s a kind of quirky item. Pretty cheap, so if you really wanted to have an oversized grasshopper in your town, go for it.

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