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Ah’ve got a wee idea for what’s to come

Hello world trotting tappers and welcome to a wee bit of speculation. With the event coming up to its third act, we know something else will be coming soon after the end of the event.

Here at TOuk Blog, we love speculating and coming up with ideas for updates to come so Act 3 normally means roll up your sleeves and dig into the clues of what’s coming next. I was digging around for some clues and didn’t find many official clues (teasers etc.) but when I looked at dates of the game, I had a pretty strong idea of what’s to come. So, let’s get started …

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So first, when I speculate, I figure out whether I think a major or minor update is coming. Let me define what I class those to be:

  • Major update – Major event. Always app-store update. Long period of time.
  • Minor updates – vary quite a bit from mini events (eg. Homer the Heritic), sales (eg. Black Friday), questline and items in store (eg. Lunar New Year) etc. But basically, anything that comes with an in-game update or normally comes with an in-game update.

A minor update can follow a minor update (eg. Lunar New Year after Homer the Heritic) but you almost never get a major event after a major event so if you have just had a major event then you can 98% presume that a minor event is coming. If you’ve just had a minor event then you can make a 50-50 guess or use what you think ia coming next to guess a suitable form.

We’ve just had a major event so I think a minor update is coming

My Guess Pt. 1: the next update will be a minor update

When I speculate for what’s coming next I ALWAYS look to see if there are any dates coming up that TSTO like to celebrate with an update. Here are the dates, that I collected, that EA have a tendency to have an update for (in order):

  • New Year’s
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • Simpsons Season Premiere
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas/Winter

(I think that’s it) … so the next date EA will mark will be St Patrick’s Day.

So let’s check … St Patrick’s Day is always celebrated with a minor update so yep, that works. Let’s carry on …

St Patrick’s Day is on Friday, March 17th so it’s definitely coming up. So with my suspicion that we’re getting a St Patty’s update, I checked previous year’s release dates:

Year Release Date of St Patrick’s Day update
2013 March 7
2014 March 12
2015 March 16
2016 March 16

So now I know the update is very close and because if they did a different update next, they wouldn’t be able to do a St Patty’s (not enough time), I am 95% confident that St Patrick’s Day will be the theme of our next update – 5% not confident because you never know, it’s EA we’re talking about.

Image result for Irish tstoRelated imageImage result for Irish tsto

So now we have an idea of WHAT‘s coming next, let’s look into WHEN it will hit:

So, when a while ago I came to a conclusion between the day EA release stuff and what the content is. Ever since I made that conclusion, EA has sticked to that routine (and I have checked!) so …

  • On Tuesdays : major events hit
  • On Wednesdays : minor updates hit

Yes, I know, in the “good o’l days” updates were almost random but look at the updates of last year (for example) and they all follow the above rule – from what I’ve seen.

So because we think a St Patty’s minor update is coming, that means Wednesday is the most likely day. Does that seem likely? Well, this event ends Tuesday 7th March meaning the next Wednesday is the next day and that seems highly likely. Recently EA have always done update after update (but not on the same day) so a next day minor update sounds like what’s going to happen. BUT they could go to the 15th and give us a week’s lull because the 15th is closer to the average of when previous years have done St Patty’s but I don’t see them giving us that long of a lull.

So here’s my guess … We’re getting a St Patrick’s Day minor update on Wednesday 8th of March (or 15th). Will I be correct? Only time will tell …

I collected a few screenshots of items I want to see with a St Patty’s update BUT I will be writing out a full update idea so that’s why this is brief and below is only images:

I also looked at an Irish episode and covered the content, from that episode, that could come in the game in post 2 of the Around the World series that can be found HERE!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this speculation. Remember, all of this post is theory and nothing has been officially announced by EA so nobody knows what’s coming next. But St Patty’s is my strong bet so for now we can just enjoy what’s on now and keep our fingers crossed for updates as good as the ones we are getting.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below and Happy Tapping …

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  1. Wooohoooo Guinness here I come! 😀

  2. Thanks for an entertaining and informative post, as always. Happy about whatever’s coming up, but since you’ve planted St. Paddy’s in my head, am very expectant! Love all my leprechauns.

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