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Alert: Tappers Now More United

hey guys, today’s post is written by one of my favourite blogger (no he’s not famous – yet!) and be sure to give comments below! I invited simp7fan, you might know simp7fan from his TSTO addict comments, to write a post today and to regularly write posts for me. So here he goes …

Hello, Tappers.


You may remember me from such comments as “:-)” and such posts as that one non-TSTO-related one.

You also probably know me as that relentless chatterbox on TSTO Addicts and my own TSTO, Stat!

Well, I’ve been invited to Tappers United to see how much damblage I can do. I mean, brain good making words.

Let me know what kinds of posts you’d like to see me make. That, or random it will be. BTW, random is the domain of Ran. Ran is a sea goddess who drags down ships and drowns sailors.



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  1. Hah, you almost said what I said. LOL. But, thanks, it was nice.

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