Season 28 is edging closer and closer and it is about 3 days until the season premieres. Uber excited – this season looks like a great one filled with many milestones and episodes that will create Simpsons history.

Imagine my face when I wrote this post the same day as the tie in was released. Confused? EA has released a tie-in mini-event for Tapped Out and I’m lovin’ it! So, what do we know about Monty Burns Fleeing Circus? Read on for all revealed spoilers and clues on this premiere episode …

First let me say, what an awesome and hilarious title for an episode! If you haven’t worked it out, the title is a play on words of Monty Python’s Flying Circus which I highly recommend watching!

This Mr Burns centric episode is a flashback episode that will showcase the childhood of Mr Burns. SimpsonsWiki has the synopsis of:

When Springfield is burned to the ground, the Simpsons beg Mr. Burns to fund its rebuilding. Burns agrees – with one condition: he gets to put on a variety show at the Springfield Bowl.

We also know that Amy Schumer has guest voiced Mrs Burns for this episode. I look forward to her deliverance:

Image result for amy schumer

That is pretty much all we know about the actual plot. We are guessing that Laid Lard MIGHT come into the plot somehow, but he could be a Tapped Out exclusive – which would be a rEAl shame!

Promotional Image:

Promotional Video:

But … We know a bit about the couch gag – the Adventure Time Crossover:

We first saw a glimpse of Simpsons and Adventure Time crossover in the 2014 Treehouse of Horror segment The Others were we see many doppelgangers of the Simpsons including my personal favourites – Lego and Minions:

Image result for adventure time simpsons

For all those Adventure Time fans – I am not so had to do some research – you will see: Lisa as Fionna, Bart as Finn, Homer as the Ice King, Marge as Princess Bubblegum, Santa’s Little Helper as Jake and Maggie as a hatless Fionna

Here are the details we know about this upcoming couch gag:

  • Theme to get “Simpsonized”
  • The Adventure Time theme will get the Simpsons makeover making it “Simpsons Time” and will parody the theme. Will be sung by Pendleton Ward, the shows creator
  • Will be a couch gag
  • Will last the opening credits and will have a parodying theme – Deh!
  • Pitched by Mike Anderson
  • Who’s he? A Supervising Director that pitched the idea of some sort of Simpsons & Adventure Time crossover.

So, looks like a fun episode. I know what the final prize for the TSTO tie-in is and it obviously relates to this episode! Can’t wait for it and the episode. It’s bound to be great 😊
Hope you liked this post. Plenty more to come about Season 28! Please sound off in the comments and Happy Tapping 😉

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