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All you need to know about: Flashback Bundle #1

Halloween has arrived and with it comes some awesome new content and waves of returning items to hit the store. Throughout the event ‘flashback bundles’ will be added to the store. These are just bundles of items that arrived with previous year’s THOH events – a great chance to get returning items.

Today brings the arrival of Flashback Bundle #1. Here are the details

THOH Flashback Bundle 1.png

Price: 185Donut Tapped Out.png

What it includes: Ghost Pirate Airship, Ghost Zapper and 2 Mausoleums

Bundle leaves 15th October (8am BST)


Image result for ghost pirate airship tapped out

  • Pirate Airship – $135, 15 xp every 4 hours + 5% bonus
    • Original price 225 donuts!
      • Released during THOH XXV, re-released XXVI

Mausoleum transimage

  • Mausoleum x2 – $400, 44 xp every 8 hours (together!)
    • Original price 60 donuts
      • Been released and re-released in all previous THOH events

Ghost Zapper

  • Ghost Zapper – 7.25% bonus
    • Original price 60 donuts
      • Released during THOH XXIV, re-released THOH XXV

Total Bonus: 12.25% bonus (worked out by SraigeArturas to be worth 150 donuts)

So that makes the income and the fact that it is returning 35 donuts.

Is it worth it?

Image result for homer thinking

If the bundle was to be released with the original prices added up the bundle would cost 335 donuts so 180 donuts is a fraction of the original price! I love the animation of the ghost pirate airship and the Ghost Zapper.

The items fit into any Halloween area and the price is perfect looking at the bonus and comparing it to original prices.

So … If you have the donuts and have wanted these items then now is the time to get them. I will definitely be picking it up!

However … If you are not overly fussed by them then 180 donuts is quite a lot to spend considering some cool items to come.

So there you go, the facts and details behind the first flashback items. Hope you found it helpful.

Please take part in our TOuk Blog Feedback survey if you have time. Tell us in the comments what you think of this event, bundle and content and Happy Tapping …

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  1. It’s a ghost pirate ship…no brainer had to have it! Hmmm…brains…zombies 😀

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