(There is another Aqua World Part, called the Aqua World Wharf, that I don’t have a image of) 

Hey Super Skyfingers! Today I will be telling you guys, all you need to know, about Aqua World! 

Aqua World In The Simpsons:

The Aqua World parts made their debut in the Season 7 episode “Radioactive Man”. They were used in the Radioactive Man, movie, where Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy were Beaten up by Silly Sailor and imprisoned there. The Aqua World is a parody of the movie “Water World”. 
Aqua World In Tapped Out: 

Aqua World, has 5 parts in the Simpsons Tapped out, all decorations. 3 of the parts are premium, 1 is a Act 1 prize, and 1 is Is a Craftable. All the parts can only be placed in water. 

Final Verdict:

The Aqua World parts are Cool, but the 3 premium parts cost over 100 Donuts altogether. That’s a lot.  Maybe get one premium Part, and save your other Donuts for a character or skin. 
What’s your opinion on the Aqua World? Comment Below! 

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