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All You Need to Know: Bartman vs Radioactive Man Combo


Hey Super Skyfingers, it’s nearing the end of Act 2,and the Bartman VS Radioactive Man Combo has been released. So of course, I’m here to write a post, telling you all what you need  to know about it! 

Bartman VS Radioactive Man Combo in the Simpsons:

While Bartman’s First Appearance was in the episode “Three Men and a Comic Book”, and Radioactive Man’s first appearance was in the episode” Bart the Genius”, but the first time these heroes fought side by side, was In Bartman Comics Issue #3, which was part 3 in a Bongo Comics Crossover event including Bartman Comics, Simpsons Comics, Itchy and Scratchy Comics, and Radioactive Man Comics. In the the story, Bartman and Radioactive Man have to stop Kang and Kodos, because they turned every one in Springfield into a evil supervillain. (Alot of potential for skins) 
Bartman VS Radioactive Man Combo in Tapped Out:

Bartman and Radioactive Man both have premium payouts, they both can fight felons, and they both are muscle type. The Bartman Cave and Kane Manor are both buildings. Radioactive Man has a job at Kane Manor, and Bartman has a job at the Bartman Cave. 

What the combo includes:

  • Kane Manor
  • Radioactive Man
  • Bartman
  • Bart cave

If you have any of the items then you can buy the rest at …


Bartman 60 donuts

– Quite expensive for a skin although it is a fun skin

Radioactive Man 60 donuts

– Good price for a great character with cool tasks!

Kane Manor 55 donuts

Bartman Cave 55 donuts

– A bit pricey but not too bad for buildings!

TOuk Fun Facts: 

1) The Combo is based on the movie “Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice”. The combo’s quest line is even called “Dawn of Justness” lol
2) The Combo was meant to be released along with act 3, but a recent patch changed the release date to yesterday. 
3)If you were to buy every item in this combo separately, it would cost the same amount as the price of the Combo. 

Final Verdict
: This Combo is extremely meh. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely cool, but 230 Donuts is alot of Donuts. I already have every item in this combo, except for the Bartman Cave,  from last year. It’s 230 donuts for 2 buildings, character and a skin which isn’t bad when you break down each price! What’s your opinion on The Bartman VS Radioactive Man Combo? Comment Below! 

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  1. Simpsons rule

    July 9, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Great post again! Also why did I get blocked again in tapped out

    • I don’t really know! You decided to say sorry and we were willing to accept and move one however you spammed the status updates and the shoutbox. Don’t apologise and then carry one!

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