Hey Super Skyfingers! Today is Bastille Day, and to celebrate, EA has added the French Femme Fatale Charcoal Briquette into our games. Read on! 

Charcoal Briquette in The Simpsons: 

Charcoal Briquette first appeared in the episode “Married To The Blob”  In a comic book. Radioactive Man had to stop the Fossil Fuel Four from attacking the Zenith City Power Plant. Charcoal Briquette was shooting fire from the grill on her head. She comes with the French Flag, because she has a French accent in the show. 

Sam is writing a origin post for the Fossil Fuel which will explain it in more details.
Charcoal Briquette in Tapped Out: 

Her Unlock Message: 

She’s in the Collection: Fossil Fuel Four 
Charcoal Briquette is Tech, can fight Felons, and is available to craft for 4000 Trading Cards. She is available to craft from July 13th 11 PM BST, to the end of the event.  She has a freemium payout on tasks, and has two outdoor tasks.  She also has a 5 Part Questline called “Charcoal Chef”. 
Final Verdict: 

While 4000 Trading Cards is a lot, this easily the only must have Craftable item. If you saved enough cards to get her, nice job! If you don’t have enough. You better get cracking, so you can add this Flaming Femme Fatale to your town! 

Since it is not donuts you are using then you have nothing to loose by saving up and getting this great combo! You will regret not getting this if you don’t as it is the best craftable and I believe that it will be a character that is unlikely to return in a while.

What’s your opinion on Charcoal Briquette? Comment Below! 

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