Jiminy Jillikers  Super Skyfingers! Milhouse’s Trailer and the Radioactive Man Film Set have been released into our games, so I figured I would do a All You Need to Know Combo Post, with Milhouse’s Trailer, and another act 3 premium item, the Beach House! 

(The Beach House is Simpsons Tapped Out Exclusive) 

Milhouse’s Trailer in the Simpsons: 

Milhouse’s Trailer comes from the Season 7 episode “Radioactive Man”. Milhouse Is cast as Fallout Boy for the Radioactive Man Film. Milhouse gets his own trailer filled with Candy, and Arcade Machines, too bad his too busy working on the Film to enjoy it. 

Milhouse’s Trailer and Beach House in Tapped Out: 

Milhouse’s Trailer is a Decoration, and The Beach House is A Building. Milhouse’s Trailer is 40 Donuts, and the Beach House is 120 Donuts. 

Radioactive Man has a 16 Hour Task at the Beach House to “Shirk His Responsibilities” 

Milhouse has a 12 Hour task to “Sulk about Fame” 

Final Verdict: 

Milhouse’s Trailer is a Fun Item. It’s awesome if you’re making a “Radioactive Man Film Set”  Area. It also gets you a 12 hour premium job for Milhouse. Buy it! . I wouldn’t buy the Beach House though. It’s 120 Donuts for building, and there are much better deals this Act like the Scoutmaster. 

What’s your opinion on Milhouse’s Trailer and Beach House? Comment Below! 

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