Hi Tappers! The Springfield Games has just hit, and that’s awesome, but the Monorail is now a important addition to our games, and I thought I should do a All You Need to Know Combo Pack post on the Returning items, the Hippie, the Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center, and the Little Lisa Recycling Plant!

The Hippie and Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center in the Simpsons: 

In the Season 8 Episode “The Old Man and the Lisa” Lisa is apart of the recycling program at school, and the the kids collected a lot of newspapers, and Skinner is mad to find out that they only get 50¢ for the Newspaper, and that doesn’t even cover the cost of the twine to hold the papers, let alone the gas it took for the trip there. The Hippie then spouts a truly life changing quote: “It sounds like you’re, working for your car. Simplify. …  Man! 

Little Lisa Recycling Plant in the Simpsons: 

In that same episode, Mr. Burns has to live with Smithers because he lost his fortune. He sees Lisa Recycling for change, and enlists her help to create a recycling business. Mr. Burns then opens the Little Lisa Recycling Plant, and to Lisa’s Horror, she discovers that he is “Recycling” ocean life to create slurry. 

The Hippie and Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center in Tapped Out: 

The Hippie and Uriah’s Heap Recycling Center cost 135 Donuts, and the Recycling Center earns cash every 4hrs, and the Hippie has premium payout, and can earn any type of recycling material (Metal, Trash, Plastic, Glass) 

Little Lisa Recycling Plant in Tapped Out: 

The Little Lisa Recycling Plant costs 200 Donuts, and earns 450 Monorail Blueprints every 4 hours. The Plant can only be placed by the sea. 

Final Verdict: 

Honestly, None of these items are great deals. In fact, the Little Lisa Recycling Plant is a horrible deal at 200 Donuts, and 135 Donuts for the Hippie is a lot considering he was a free Prize. Wait till you get to level 25, and you unlock the Redwood Tree and Jesse Grass appears in the shop for 100 Donuts. He earns at a premium rate at at the Monorail, can earn any Recycling material, and can help with the Redwood at a premium rate. 

What’s your opinion on these items? How about the Episode The Old Man and the Lisa? Comment Below! 

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