Hey Tappers! It’s the Season 28 Premier tie in, and as all ways a new update comes with new items! The Item that we will be looking at today is the new Fancy Farms Building. 

Fact Files: 

Price: 75 

Comes With Quest: Yep. It Involves Lisa Visiting the Fancy Farms. 

Dimensions: 6 (length) by 9 (width) 

Permanent Task: Nope. Lisa had a 1 hour task there for the quest, but it is not permanent, so as far as I know, no.  

(Lisa’s Reactions are the best) 

The Item in Game: 

My Opinion On Fancy Farms: 

I like the design of it. It’s really nice looking and fits well with any Springfield Heights/ Fancy Mall area. 

Final Verdict:  

While this item has a lot of potential design wise, it’s just way too overpriced. This item could have been a heck of a deal if it was like, 50/55 donuts. 

What’s your opinion on the Fancy Farms? Comment below! 

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