The First Bank of Springfield, unfortunately for them, is the Simpsons bank, and is also the bane of many robberies.

The First Bank of Springfield In The Simpsons:

It’s first Appearance was in the episode “Homer VS Patty and Selma”, and it’s current look debuted in the episode “I Don’t Want To Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”, where Marge went to withdraw money, and a guy named Dwight Robbed the place, and surrendered himself to the police, because Marge promised to visit him in Jail.

The First Bank of Springfield in Tapped Out:
In Tapped Out, the First Bank of Springfield is a run of the mill building, with a premium joint task and quest for Marge and Homer.

Dimensions: 220 × 176 pixels

Payout: $150 every 8 hours

Cookie Kwan’s Design Tips: This Building fits well in a business district, near Buildings like The Courthouse, Town Hall, Post Office, etc

Final Verdict:
This certainly isn’t the best deal of the event, it’s 60 Donuts, but it’s only a Building. It’s not a must buy, but it’s definitely a better deal than Wholesome and Sons Publishing.

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