Hey Tappers! The Simpsons is back with Season 28, and there is a tie in with all new items! Read on for all you need to know about Laird Lad and Retro Lard Lad! 

Fact Files: 

Price: 120

Comes With Quest: Yep, there’s a 3 Part Questline (Source: WikiSimpsons) 

(I think it would’ve been fun if Laird and Grampa became friends and Homer met and admired Laird) 


10 (L) by 11 (W) 

The Item in game: 

My Opinions on the Item: 

I think that this item is fun and very well designed. (Laird does seem kinda shoe-horned into the episode though) 

Final Verdict: 

This item is very iffy. While The retro Lard Lad is very well designed and goes well with a Donut themes area, it’s a bit pricey for only a 3 Part Questline. 

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