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All you need to know: Milo & Coolsville

Super Skyfingers assemble for a new Superhero sequel! With all events come new prizes, quests and a mixture of premium and freemium items. These posts are to cover all the helpful information you need about a selected item/collection of related items all in one post.

Today we cover a building and character combo that arrived, as put in the files, yesterday at 8 BST. So read on to get an exclusive video on unlocking and owning this combo along with the stats, facts, origins and opinions on whether you should own it …


The origins of Milo and Coolsville

An origin post for this combo is coming as a seperate post very soon due to the detail that involves exploring where it came from. When the post is published I will embed/link it here

Unlocking … Milo and Coolsville
My first voice tutorial on unlocking and “overviewing” this combo:

The Facts and Stats

Character: Milo

  • Price: 150 donuts
  • Unlock Screen: Now I hope you all like Korean Pop Covers of Tom Jones songs
  • Amount of visual tasks: 2
  • Character Collection: More Business Ownerw
  • Premium/Freemium payout: Premium

Milo isn’t voiced unfortunately due to Jack Black doing the voice of Milo in the show 🙁

Building: Coolsville

  • Payout: 20 trading cards every 8 hours
  • Dimensions:  4×8

Should you buy it?

In my opinion this is a good buy if you have the donuts and want this combo. However if you are freemium, worked hard for those donuts and aren’t really a fan of this then I wouldn’t get it. The combo only featured mainly in one episode, and not much of it, and 150 donuts is pricey for a combo that only had a small feature. You can simply do the event without the combo. On the other hand this building paysout trading cards meaning it will be easier to get crafting items.

Final Verdict 
If you really want it and have the donuts then I reccomend getting it but if you dont want it then pass!

Should I Buy Equation

want it + Have the Donuts = get the combo = quicker getting items (crafting items)

So I hope you enjoyed the rundown. More videos to come! Happy tapping…

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  1. Felicia Fancy

    July 7, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    Great walkthrough Sam! The video was fab!

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