Hiya Sporty Skyfingers! Today’s Post is telling you all you need to know about the New Springfield Games Items!

Springfield Games New Items in the Simpsons: 

Cristo of Springfield:

This God-like Item first appears in the episode” Blame it on Lisa” (Last Cristo Picture) In the episode, The Simpsons go to Brazil to find a lost orphan boy named Ronaldo. The Cristo also appears in the episode “I Don’t Want to Live Like a Referee”, where Homer is offered a job to host the Rio World Cup. This item is pretty fitting that be in a Olympics Event. 

Half Pipe:

This Gnarly Item made it’s debut in the Season 27 Episode “Barthood”. In the episode, it shows Teenage Bart as a pro skater, who shreds on the Half Pipe.

Go Kart Track: 

This Fast and Furious Item made it’s debut In the episode “Bart The Mother”. In the episode, the Simpsons visit the Family Fun Center and Go on the Go Kart Track. Homer is having fun on the ride when the seat breaks on his cart and his pants rip. He then tries to ride with his bare bottom scraping on the gravel, with painful results. OUCH! 

(The Rest are Tapped Out Exclusive) 

Springfield Games New Items in Tapped Out: 

Cristo of Springfield: The Cristo of Springfield is a Decoration that earns 2 participation ribbons every 3 hours. It’s task is “Thinking about Dancing”. I bet it’s thinking about Carneval lol 

It doesn’t do anything 😊

Half Pipe: The Half Pipe is a Decoration that earns participation ribbons every 3 hours. 

It comes with a permanent 3hr animated task at the Half Pipe for Bart! FYI, it looks awesome!

Go Kart Track: The Go Kart Track is a building that is the 2nd to last prize of the Springfield Games. 

Final Verdict: 

These items are good, but the items beside the Go Kart Track are Overpriced. The Cristo of Springfield should be 40 Donuts, and the Half Pipe should be 75 Donuts. Other than that, these items are good and fun but overpriced.  

We don’t reccomed these items unless you have a lot of donuts and REALLY want them!

🙂  I like the Concept of Go Kart Betting as well. 

That’s all for today. Happy tapping

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