Hey Sporty Skyfingers! It’s the Springfield Games, and today’s post, is telling all you need to know, on the Springfield Games Returning Items!

Springfield Games Returning Items in the Simpsons: 

Ballet Ralph
In the Episode “The Last Tap Dance in Springfield”, Lisa sees a movie about dancing, and she wants to become a dancer. She visits Little Vicki Valentines Dance Academy, and instead of learning Tango like she wanted, Little Vicki Forces he to take Tap dancing. Ralph is in Lisa’s Tap Dance, where Ralph is actually good at dancing, while Lisa isn’t. 

Jockey Bart and Furious D: 

In the Episode “Saddlesore Galactica” Bart Buys a Horse named Duncan who was apart of a cruel water diving show. To offset the cost of owning a horse, Bart offers to turn Duncan into a Tough race horse, thus creating to racing duo, Jockey Bart and Furious D. 

Tennis Marge: 

In the Episode” Tennis The Menace” The Simpsons get a Tennis Court in their backyard, and Marge is having fun until she realizes that the town is making fun of her as she always looses Matches because Homer is her partner, and he’s horrible at Tennis, so it’s basically 2 VS 1. This episode also marks the appearance of the Tennis Machine 

Torador Abe: 

In The Episode “Million Dollar Abie”  (One of the worst episodes in my opinion and you’ll see see why in a bit) Abe stops a Football Team from coming to Springfield, so the town hates him. He even tries “assisted Suicide” , which doesn’t work, so when a Bull Fighting Stadium is built in Springfield, Abe decides to become a star bull fighter. 

Kung Fu Comic Book Guy: 

In the Episode “Lisa The Drama Queen”  Homer drops Bart and Lisa off at the Community Center, and while Lisa’s Taking a Art Class, Bart takes a class on Kung Fu taught by Comic Book Guy. Comic Book Guy tells the class to one by one at his command try to fight him, but the whole class attacks him “right in the Chi”. 😋


In the Episode “The Old Man and the C Student”, Springfield is chosen to hold the Olympic games. Homer finds out about a Mascot Contest, and he decides to Create…. 

Springy wins the Mascot Contest, and when Bart has an insulting comedy routine that looses Springfield the Olympics, Homer has to sell a lot of Springs because he bought a ton to sell as Springy. 


In the Episode “Bart Star”, Flanders forms  a Pee Wee Football Team, and all the parents take their kids to Sportacus to buy the uniforms and Helmets and such. 

Duff Blimp: 

The Duff Blimp has many notable appearances (Like When Sideshow Bob was hiding here with a bomb, or win Homer wins a contest ride it) But the one that stands out the most in my mind is the appearance of the Blimp in the Episode “Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play”. In the Episode, Homer and Marge become marriage counselors to the Isotopes Baseball Player Buck, and his Wife Tabatha. Homer helps them, which makes Buck good at Baseball, and it makes the Isotopes actually win. When Homer and Marge have problems of their own with Buck and Tabatha, Homer pretends to be Tabatha in the blimp with a sappy message to Buck so that Buck can play well in the championship game.

Golf Course: 

While not exactly like the one in our games, the Episode “Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield”  does feature a golf course. In the Episode, Marge gets a Fancy Suit for a bargain, and so the family gets guest passes to the Springfield Country Club, where Homer Golfs. He even has a Golf Match with Mr. Burns. 

Boxing Ring: 

This Boxing Ring appears in the Episode “The Homer They Fall”. In the Episode” Homer becomes a Star Boxer, and even has a Championship Match with the Champion Dederick Tatum. So of course you can’t Box without a ring! 

(The Rest of the items are Tapped Out Exclusive) 

Springfield Games Returning Items in Tapped Out: 

Jockey Bart, Furious D, Tennis Marge, Ballet Ralph, Kung Fu Comic Book Guy, Torador Abe: 

All of these items are returning characters/skins from last year’s Tap Ball event, that are available in the Gym Locker Mystery Boxes. They do not benefit the event at all unfortunately. 


Springy is a Returning Npc from Last Year’s Tap Ball Event. It was an Act 2 Prize, but is now available for 60 Donuts. 


Premium Building from Last Year’s Tap Ball event. Is available for 80 Donuts. 

Duff Blimp:

Returning Decoration from the Super Bowl Update. Available for 40 Donuts 

Golf Course, Boxing Ring, and other items:

Returning Decorations from The Tap Ball event, available in a bundle for 125 Donuts.

Final Verdict: 

Ballet Ralph: Ralph Doesn’t have a lot of skins, and 75 Donuts isn’t bad for a skin 

Jockey Bart and Furious D: 

This Combo makes it so you have to try the mystery box just once, so you’ll have a chance to get them. It’s a Premium Character and Skin for 75 Donuts! 

Tennis Marge: 

This skin is kinda “eh”. The reason that Ralph is a better deal is because he has far less skins. 

Torador Abe: Torador Abe is a better deal than Ralph, as he was a premium skin even back in Tap Ball. 

Kung Fu Comic Book Guy: Same as Ralph 

Springy: Springy is a fun item and 60 Donuts isn’t a lot of Donuts, but 60 is a bit much for an NPC. 

Sportacus: Sportacus isn’t an Item I would recommend. 80 Donuts for a building without any permanent task is not a good deal. 

Duff Blimp: It’s a Decoration, so I’m  wouldn’t recommend buying it unless  you have a design idea in your head and you’re using this item in the design (I suggest a Duff/ Duff Gardens Area) 

Golf Course, Boxing Ring, Tennis Machine, T-Ball Stand, and other items: 

It’s 125 Donuts for a “Training Bundle”  of assorted Tap Ball Decorations. I don’t think it’s worth the Donuts unless you really want to Make a Tap Ball/ Sporty Area. 

So that’s all out need to know about the Returning Springfield Games Items. What do you think of the Returning items? Comment Below! 

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