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All you need to know: Squawky!

4th of July has arrived a tad early in our Springfield’s with a fun new update with a new questline and dialogue with a mixture of new and returning items – find the ins and outs here. In this update items are either free, premium or freemium and in the post we explore all the information about a new NPC, Squawky, that has been released in our games as a freebie unlocked in the questline. Can someone please calm Brooders down? Thank you … Find out:

  • How to unlock it
  • The stats and facts about this item
  • And … Where it came from with a quick overview of the episode it came from.

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Where did it come from?

Squawky came from one of my favourite episodes, The Musk Who Fell To Earth (S26; Ep12), due to its cool appearance but mostly for the Tapped Out reference … In

Did you know: Elon must have hacked the game (huge gasp!) because he has a level 7 town but has Marge who is unlocked in a quest line with requirements of being minimum level 15! Tut tut tut Elon!

Quick episode overview …

In this episode Elon Musk lands in the Simpsons’ backyard wanting to find inspiration in Springfield. So Homer decides to take him to the Power Plant where Elon get’s inspired by many of Homer’s ‘inventions’ like his ‘Homerisms’. Mr Burns installs a magnetohydrodynamic after Elon inspired him but Elon rejects a job opportunity, after Mr Burns offered to hire him, because he doesn’t care about the money!

Together Burns and Elon create multiple eco-friendly ways to create energy like a spinney wheel for Willie, the Glavinator (Elon’s new invention) and the Springfield Hyperloop:

After Elon makes self-driving cars for Springfield it is calculated that Springfield is losing $50 million a quarter and he explains that the goal was to make Springfield green and not make money. Mr Burns and an injured Smithers plan to kill Elon (gasp moment)! A lot of employees are fired, including Carl and Lenny, so Marge advices Homer to ‘break up’ with Elon as friends.

Burns attempts to assassinate Elon when he is explaining ideas to Homer. Elon saves Homer when the bullet is aimed at Homer accidentally. Homer thanks Elon but conveys that he has to break up with him as best friends which they then share their final hug (aww moment)! Lisa receives a birdhouse (key moment for where Squawky came from – more on that later) to make up for her sadness and then Elon departs after boarding his rocket.

So where did Squawky come in?

A bald eagle (name Squawky) captured and devoured some birds that Lisa was feeding in the birdhouse. Homer is then told to get his “shooing broom” whilst Marge explains that maybe the Eagle was feeding the birds. Homer refuses because he says the bold eagle is the mascot of the USA and fighting it would be “like kicking George Washington in his wooden nuts” – one of Homer’s best lines. Maggie is then taken by the Eagle and begun to fly away until Homer retrieved her and declared that it was now war between him and the eagle!

Homer then catches the bird, whilst it flew into Bart’s rooms in a game between Bart and Milhouse, and Lisa insists in calling it Squawky before Homer let’s it go! It then gets killed in a engine of Elton’s flying machine!

How do you get it

When you start The Barbarian Candidate Part 6 there will be a dialogue and system message covered in a future walkthrough post and then you unlock him for FREE! Here is a non-speaking video to show me unlocking him in Pt 6 and showing you his animation:

Thanks so much to LPnintendoITA for editing my town video!

Some facts and Stats

Name: Squawky


Price: FREE!

Unlock Screen:


Character Collection:
Animals and Pets

I could really have some feedback on whether you liked the video! Want more? Want more detailed ones with me speaking? Any items you want me to do video overviews of? Then please comment below!

So .. that is the detailed rundown of an eagle that soars the American flag in this 4th of July update! Did you like this NPC? Put your hand down, I know you did Brooders! What do you think of this 4th of July update? Who would you elect Mayor of Springfield? Answer below and happy tapping …

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