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All you need to know: Street Cleaner

In the new spring cleaning gil deal we have had a lot of old items with only two new items: Moe’s House and the street Cleaner. The street Cleaner was made available today (April 15th 8:00 GMT)!


The street Cleaner can be brought for the price of 90 donuts and then you will get 35 donuts back (mmm … free donuts)!

What is it?

This is a NPC (non-playable character) that will “vroom” around your Springfield roads with a nice animation!


Then when tapped it’s lights will flash and it will stop for a bit


Should I buy it?

For an original price of 90 donuts, this NPC is very pricey! Considering you do get 35 donuts back it is OK! I was disappointed with this item as it doesn’t do much for a net price of 55 donuts. I love the animation but it is disappointing, especially the fact that you can’t store it!!! It acts like a car which is quite cool but compared to characters it is actually really small! If you really want it and don’t mind the size or the fact you can’t store it then go for it, but honestly I’de pass and save those goodies for another offer or combo!

What happens when you buy it?

It will start whizzing round your town and you will see this pop-up:


And then a 1 part talk from gil:

Gil: You’re going to love this thing so much, you might as well shred the warranty. You know what – I’ll take care of that for you

And then you are free to watch it wander the roads of your town, occasionally stop make a sound and carry on!

So,did you get this? Do you like it? What do you think of the deal so far? Tell me in the comments and I will answer as many as I can!!!

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  1. I’d like skins for them, too. Also, an option to “park” and to “drive”. Heaven.

    • So would I! I would quite like the option to plot out a route for your Cleaner and on its route to clean up any debris it comes too!

      • Like a Roomba. Now I want to dress up my Roomba to resemble this street cleaner. Hehe.

        But, yes, a route would be cool and cleaning debris that’s on the side of the road. Homer, Lisa, and Roomba — I mean, Street Cleaner.

  2. Thanks! This is actually very helpful to others!!!!!! I can tell you like your vehicle’s (monorail, cars and the street Cleaner)

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