Hey Super Skyfingers! Issue 2 has just started, and a new character is upon us, the Fracker! The enemy of drinking water everywhere! Read on, to find out all you need to know about, the Fracker!
The Fracker in the Simpsons:


The Fracker first appeared in the episode “Married To the Blob” in a comic, along with the other members of the Fossil Fuel Four. He’s one of Radioactive Man’s enemies, and he was attacking the Zenith City Lower Plant.

The Fracker In Tapped Out:
The Fracker is a premium character, that costs 120 Donuts, is Muscle Type, Can Fight Felons, and has a premium Job at the Burns Summer Mansion to earn event currency.

Final Verdict:
The Fracker is a Fun edition to any town, especially because of the lack of Muscle Characters. The Only problem is that the Fracker costs 120 Donuts as a Stand Alone character, and for only 10 Donuts more, you can get 2 Premium Characters with Citizen Solar and Wind Lad. He’s a fun character, but he’s definitely not the best deal of the event. To be honest, I would save my Donuts.

What’s your opinion on the Fracker? Comment Below!

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