Issue 3 hit recently, get the rundown post here, of this suped-up sequel event! With Springfield gone super (again!) it means new prizes, quests, “adventures” and of course items hitting throughout. More items means more info to gather and compile into fun posts!

In this post we explore a fun character, The Scoutsmaster, who is released as a stand alone character that hit with Issue 3. Read on for all the information you need on the funniest, yet “the worst villain of them all” according to Fallout Boy …

The Facts and Stats

Name: The Scout Master

Price: 100 

Character Collection: Super Villians

Unlock Screen: Go get ’em scouts

Questline: Yes – 5 parts, with 4 indoor tasks and the last part with his 24 hr animated task

Payout: Premium

Extra Features: He is voiced! He was voiced by Dan Castellaneta luckily for us!

Amount of animated tasks: 2

Leaves with the event end … 26th July!

Unlocking … The Scoutsmaster

You can buy The Scoutsmaster for 100 donuts until the end of the event! Here is the video overview of unlocking him, his tasks, animations and more:

Should you buy it?

100 donuts is a lot of donuts for one character and he only appeared in one small clip in one episode!
This character was heavily requested with the announce of a superhero sequel so that could be a reason for the hefty price tag but at least it isn’t the Fracker price!

I love the fact that this character is voiced and has some of the best animations ever and I don’t regret getting it. However I understand that if you are freemium and have worked hard for the special sprinkles then you might no get it straightway but maybe you should definitely consider getting something useful to the event with a reasonable price tag: eg. Milo & Coolsville or the Radioactive Man VS Bartman combo.

He can fight felons and he comes with 4 hearts as a brain fighter.

Final Verdict
If you really want it and have the donuts then I highly reccomend getting this due to the funny voice, animations and dialogue and even if you don’t have the donuts, but still really want it, then this is a character that you should you consider investing your donuts in.

Otherwise, pass and move in! Simples!

So … There you have the detailed rundown of the fun, new and camp character! Did you get it? Do you think he is the “worst villian of them all”? Love his animations or voice? Tell us in the comments below as we appreciate them a lot! Stay super and happy tapping …

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