So wave 3 hit earlier today (see the run through here) and I wanted to go through the items that you get, what they are and are they worth those precious donuts! So here is the walkthrough:


Waverly Hills Elementary

Waverly Hills Elementary Costs 115 and you get 40 back so 75 net price:


The Waverly Hills Elementary was first featured in an episode tie-in in the middle of an event. At the time it cost 115 donuts so now that you get 40 donuts back then price is a lot better!

This building can be placed on the pavement, grass, beach and sidewalk and the design looks great with the beach!

Should You buy it

Now that the price has dropped 40 donuts I think that 75 donuts is a reasonable price for a building. I love the design and it does come with a 1 part questline (find below), but only skimmer has a permanent task there, so if you really want a beach building then I say go for it as this is one of those things where if you want it and like it, then I say get it as it is a good price but otherwise pass and save those sprinkled goodies!

Questline (source: TSTO addicts)…

Attendance Envy Pt. 1
Skinner starts

Skinner: A new elementary school in town?  I didn’t think we had enough children to warrant another facility.  Last I checked we only had thirteen.  Fourteen if you count Uter.
Cletus: Schooling ain’t just for the youngins.  Now that some kids moved over to that there new school, there’s more room for Spucklers at your learnin’ shack. Teacher says I’m calcalatin my ciphers goodly but my grammarfication needs more work.
Make Cletus Practice Grammarfication- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Attendance Envy Pt. 2
Skinner starts

Skinner: I don’t like the way Waverly Hills Elementary is drawing attention with their “good teachers” and “real pencils.”  It’s important for any institution to protect its young and impressionable minds.  Especially the brain-alive ones like Lisa Simpson and Martin Prince.  The last thing our annual aptitude test scores need is more Spucklers…
Make Skinner Shred Enrollment Forms- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Tree Swing

Tree Swing cost 20 donuts and you get 8 donuts back so a net price of 12 donuts


The tree swing is a tree with a swing on (dur…) so I don’t really think it needs a should it buy! In my opinion this looks cool but I think 12 donuts is still quite a lot for a tree! It does look great and you can put this in your school playground, fits well there, but unless your desperate for this I would say save those donuts!

Shining maze

The Shining Maze costs 55 donuts and you get 15 donuts back so a net price of 30 donuts


I was saving the best still last as I love this! This was offered as a premium item in one of the Halloween events and was a bit expensive but now with a price of 30 donuts I LOVE THIS! It comes with a fun questline and evn though there is no animation this item will fit well with loads of designs!

Should you buy this

I would say get this is you want it! For a great price you get a cool Maze that can fit with any design for any mansion area but it doesn’t do much! I loved playing around with this and adding to it with hedges to make an ultra Maze! If you are not looking for a maze then simply don’t buy this but if you love designing and want a mansion area then I would definitely consider getting this!

If you want to check out what you can do with the maze click here!

Questline (Thanks to TSTO addicts):

Willie’s Labyrinth Pt. 1
Martin starts (auto)

Martin: Oh, a hedge maze!  How droll!  Hedge-keeper, I accept the challenge.  I will solve your maze.
Willie: don’t be so sure o’yourself ye fancy little plumpkin!  This is no ordinary maze. Ye best take this flare gun.
Martin: What’s the flare gun for?
Willie: The maze is nigh-unbeatable.  When you’re cold and thirsty and clinging to the last shred of your sanity, it’s the only way we’ll find ye.
Make Youngsters Get Lost in the Maze- x5.  4hrs.  Earns $260, 70xp freemium and premium.
Sherri and Terri: Come and play with us forever!
Martin: No one has ever wanted to play with me! WHAT KIND OF MADNESS IS THIS?!!!

Willie’s Labyrinth Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Lisa: The secret to any maze is to be methodical and to stay calm.
Willie: Ye don’t have what it takes, lassie.
Lisa: That’s what Coach Krupt said about me and the rope climb and it turned out I did have what it takes: A note excusing me from P.E. But this maze will be a piece of cake. You can keep your flare gun.
Make Lisa Get Lost in the Maze- 6hrs, $350, 90xp
Lisa: Help! Help!  I’ve been in here for hours!  Please come and get me!  I don’t want to have to eat my own arm!  I am vegetarian!
Willie: Ye see, lassie?  I knew ye couldn’t conquer this maze.  Ye don’t have the Shinning. 

Willie’s Labyrinth Pt. 3
Willie starts

Lisa: The Shinning?  Are you sure you’re pronouncing that right?
Willie: Ach!  Don’t make fun o’ me accent!
Bart: Hey weirdoes, ‘sup?
Willie: Boy!  Are ye here to try yer hand at Willie’s maze?
Lisa: If I couldn’t do it, he certainly couldn’t…
Willie: Stuffit!  I sense greatness from this wee, spiky-headed lad.  He’s got The Shinning.  What say ye, boy?
Bart: Sure, all work and no play, yadda, yadda, yadda.
Make Bart Find a Shortcut Through the Maze- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp
Willie: What did ye do to me maze, ye little monster?
Bart: You said you saw my shinning.  I assumed that what you saw was my shinny new chainsaw.  Which I used to cut through the maze.
Lisa: Do you mean “shiny?”
Willie: Quiet!  You’ll get us all sued!!

Also the Street Cleaner and the Nature Bundle are still available (EA have given us a few days grace)!

Remember the deal ends 19th April 8:00 AM (GMT) so grab what you want but don’t waste all those goodies as we don’t know what EA has in store for us after

So did you find this useful? Have you got anything from wave 2 or not? Answer in the comments as I love hearing from you all!!!

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