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Annual Events I want to see added to TSTO

“Homer the Heritic” has kick started 2017 for us with Homer tasting a flavour of a few religions and I think it is AWESOME! I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a great year for TSTO – EA have definitely started it that way – but in this post I explore something that isn’t really talked about much and I had real difficulty on how to phrase it. But many PM’s back and forth from various people (at helped me out and I came up with ‘Annual Events I want to see added to TSTO’ . Enjoy …

There are a few events that we get every year. They are:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • 4th of July
  • Halloween (and)
  • Christmas 

Sometimes this is in the form of a major event (Halloween & Christmas), mini-event (sometimes Valentine’s Day) or just items in the store (4th July, Easter, St Patrick’s Day). And sometimes the form of an Annual Event changes depending on the success of a previous year (*cough* Easter went from major event to just a few items in store over the years becuase of *shivers* 2014). But there are some diary dates that I want to see celebrated, in any form EA feels suits it, in the game. I tried to leave out specific religious dates becuase EA might want to avoid these due to controversy.

These diary days could be national, international, well-known, lesser known, fictional or whatever 😀…

#5 – Bonfire Night (5th November)

I know this is an English tradition but we non-americans put up with 4th of July (joking! – We love those updates) but I would love to see some fireworks and maybe a Guy Fawkes character. 

#4 – Father’s Day & Mother’s Day (For 2017: June 18th & March 26th)

I think these days would be very special and adorable to be added into the game. We could see a questline with the children of Springfield trying to buy presents and I could just see it working. And … It would be the perfect time to introduce Sarah Wiggum – I could just imagine the most cutest questline where everyone talks about mum’s and Ralph is upset because he doesn’t have it and then BOOM … We finally (!!) unlock her (nearer the time I will do an events idea) – I tear up at the thought of it 😂.

#3 – Birthdays of Characters/Important figures to Simpsons or TSTO (depends on figure’s birthday)

I like researching famous birthdays and I always try
to tribute Simpsons character’s birthdays with Birthday Bash on here. So updates to celebrate characters – see characters with confections to the character buying presents etc – would be really fun. And Matt Groening’s birthday, I think, should be something to be celebrated in the game – plus, I love his character so sone interaction with that would be fun!

#2 – Geek Pride Day (May 25th)

Being a big geek myself (in many other areas other than Simpsons), I would love this less known day to be celebrated. We could get THE NERDS, Cosmic War items and other comic con and general geeky items. I would love Comic Book Guy to get his spotlight and I can just imagine the content we could get.

#1 – April Fool’s Day (April 1st)

This is an day I really want to be used in the game! Whether it is adding some of Bart’s pranking friends – I would love to see his inspiration friend from “Parks and Green” including many other content from that episode! Because, as we learnt from the clip show episode, April Fool’s originated from Paganism – we could get a return of the bonfire and I want the stake with Flanders tasks (from that April Fool’s episode)

“Now who’s laughing, Now who’s laughing”

There is so much possibility for this update and nearer the time I will have an event idea post but this came #1, not because of the content that could be added, but because of some of the pranks they could play like:

  • Ranking up the price of donuts
  • All characters gone invisible
  • A fake message saying the game will end the next day (a harsh joke)
  • Springfield blown up! 
  • And so much more

Obviously they would make some dialogue and they will make it seem real, for a while, UNTIL they pull the ‘April Fools!’ message and the whole tappersphere is going mental and we can continue to breath. I just think this would be so funny! If they got it right and maybe didn’t do it every year at the same time – making it predictable.

I missed out quite a bit but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see it 😁
So I hope you enjoyed this post. Please comment below on what you think of my rundown – what would YOU like to see? Tell us below … and … Happy Tapping

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  1. I really like some of those ideas, like Mother’s/Father’s Day, but I’m not site I’d want to see them repeated every year. April Fool’s Day could definitely be fun, but they’d have to be careful what they did, so as not to do anything too confusing to some of the more…ummm…clueless players and end up getting a zillion calls/messages from folks who didn’t get the joke(s), like Simpsons Rule said. (I’m having flashbacks to the people who panicked when their Kwik-E-Mart blew up when they first got Chief Wiggum’s tank.)

  2. I would also love to see bonfire night celebrated in the game!

    Great ideas Sam 🙂

    • GresrtGresrt idea epically April fool day only promblem is people will go crazy and be annoyed if actually nelobe there town blown up or whatever and EA will get lots of complaints what annoying to them but funny to us

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