Wow that is one heck of a title that I bet dragged you in. While I am away for a short while I thought it would be suitable to post a short(ish) 100% unique post to clench your thirst for randomness. There is no way to introduce this post so, here it is …

In this Halloween 2016 event we see the arrival of Crazy Iguanna Lady (a skin for Crazy Cat Lady) with a swamp – a good deal overall (especially if you don’t already have CCL). This skin gave me an idea for a post. Are you more of a Crazy Cat Lady, Crazy Iguanna Lady or a Crazy Dog man? So here is an overview of each character …
Crazy Cat Lady

The most frequent out of these animal lovers. Appeared in many episodes, is beautifully hilarious (in TSTO and The Simpsons) and one of my favourite premium combo’s in the game.

If you LOVE cats. Love a good cuddle with a furry companion but doing mind the occasional laziness or odd scratch then you might be a bit like Edna. I am guessing you won’t be as extreme as old Edna (aka. CCL) but you never know 😉.
Crazy Iguanna Lady

A very brief cameo of this character in the opening of a THOH episode (origin post here) and an instant buy for me.

Do you have a love for the exotic? Have a connection with the wild side? Love dressing up as an aztec freak? Maybe even have pet iguanas? Then you will have a connection with Crazy Iguanna Lady.
Crazy Dog Man

My favourite out of the three (*gasp*). Appeared briefly in the episode ‘The Blue and the Gray’ where he is seen pulling dogs out of his bag, chucking them and then briefly falling in love with CCL as a romantic herd of animals fight at their feet. A match made in heaven.

Would seriously love to see him in a Valentine Day update or love centred event but I can imagine the visual tasks he could have to do with chucking dogs and kissing CCL.

I am a dog person. Don’t like big dogs – bit of a woss when it comes to them. But cuddly dogs are adorable. Wouldn’t go to the extent of throwing them (lol😊) but I can connect more with CDM.

There you have it a quick review/overview of each character. I actually have a few more ‘Where do you belong’ Simpson themed posts if you liked this post. Would love to hear your response! Did you get Crazy Iguanna Lady? Are you more of a cat or dog person? Do you have an Iguanna?? Tell us below. Enjoy this event and this spooktactular time of year. Happy tapping …

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