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Around the World in 10 Days #2: Ireland

HELLO tappers … tá súil agam go bhfuil tú go maith. Have no idea what I just said? Well, neither do I 😃. But according to many translation resources it means “I hope you are well” in … Irish (Gaelic). Yep that’s right we’re following Homer down an Irish pub this week in Around the World in 10 days.

Travel episodes have been a big part of The Simpsons and often provide a lot of cross continental content that would be awesome for Tapped Out so because of this Destination: Springfield event I thought it would be topical to start this series. Every Monday and Friday I will take 1 country, that The Simpsons have visited in a whole episode(s), and look at that episode – overview it, review it, look at content that could be added to the game from that episode and look at content in this event that came from that country.

So … Enjoy your ride to … Ireland 🍀

In this post we will be looking at In the Name of the Grandfather (S20, Ep14) 

Episode Synopsis (from Simpsons Wiki):
The Simpsons travel to Ireland so thatGrandpa can have a final drink atO’Flanagan’s Pub, an old watering hole of his. But when the small town of Dunkilderry isn’t quite what Grampa remembers it as and O’Flanagans has become a rundown, empty pub, he and Homer choose to buy it and fix it up.

Episode Review: 

This is such an underrated episode in my opinion. Full of charm and funny accents, what is there not to love?? You know you have a good episode because it goes fast. I hate episodes where you are watching it constantly looking at the time dial and how long it has to go. “The Regina Monologues” and this episode didn’t make me do that. They had me engaged, laughing and sighing.

Let’s face it … The beginning was a tad silly. At a gardening convention, the Simpsons buy a hot tub that get them extremely relaxed. Too relaxed to forget Grandpa’s retirement home family party. So to make it up to him they go to Ireland because it’s on Grandpa’s bucket list to have another pint at a pub. Yep … Only the Simpsons could pull it off because it works. It get’s better as it goes along.

The main plot with Homer and Abe at the pub is heartwarming and they maybe could have lengthened out the “Abe and Son” Pub part – it was also quite clever how they incorporated the contrasting techy Ireland into attracting visitors to the new pub – I really liked that! And the B Plot with Marge and the Children visiting landmarks was great and really beautiful. It was hilarious to see Bart getting up to his antics with the landmarks. It just seemed like classic Simpsons enjoying a trip, for probably the weirdest reason.

A really enjoyable episode with just a few minor falts

Sam Stamps: 

Content they could have added:
(See gallery for images of most items mentioned)

  • Simpsons Hot tub
  • ‘Derry Air’ Plane
  • Irish Pilots
  • Kathy Ireland
  • Olden Irish Houses
  • Dunkilberry sign
  • Coleen’s Secret
  • Mac’s Fifth avenue
  • Hewlett Fitzpackard
  • Cisc O’Systems
  • Mick-rosoft
  • Bog Bath & Beyond
  • Taco Belfast *
  • The Giant’s causeway
  • Guinness Brewery *
  • Irish Statue of Liberty
  • Blarney Rubble
  • Irish Nelson doppelganger
  • “Abe & Sons” façade for Tom’s pub
  • Darby O’Guzzlins
  • Irish Police Station

As always items that I think have a VERY slim chance at entering the game (eg. Guest stars) are with a *.

Content they have added (from this episode):

Ea haven’t visited Ireland in this event and it makes sense because of St Patrick’s update they usually have. So there is plenty of Irish items to add for this year’s St Patrick’s update and I hope they do something a bit more then they normally do.


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Well thank you very much for reading this week’s installment in Around the World in 10 days.

Next week we visit x so …

But until then, let me know what you think of the new series, the episode I overviewed, enjoy the event and Happy Tapping …

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