Salve giocatori, spero che state bene e che siete pronti per un altro volo intorno al mondo. (I learnt that from LP😁) meaning “Hello tappers, hope you’re all well and you’re ready for another flight around the world” in Italian. Yep, that’s right. Pour some wine (don’t give any to Lisa 😉), toss some pizza and get ready for another Around the World in 10 Days journey.

So … Enjoy your ride to … Italy 🇮🇹🍕🍝

Today we are looking at “The Italian Bob” which is S17 Ep8. Godetevelo (Italian for ‘please enjoy’)

Episode Synopsis (from Simpsons Wiki):
Mr. Burns’s Stutz Bearcat finally breaks down, so he decides to buy a new Italian sports car, and asks Homer to pick it up for him. The Simpsons go to Italy but end up in a small town where the residents aren’t aware of the criminal past of their new mayor – Sideshow Bob, who is now married and has a son.Marge quickly finds out what “vendetta” means in English.

Episode Review: 

Sideshow Bob episodes are always great and Kelsey Grammar does another great job with portraying this escapee maniac in a different side to him that we haven’t seen before – asking for forgiveness and accepting the family.

This episode is really run and I really enjoy seeing the family visit a variety of places including Pisa and Pompeii this episode had so many great jokes like the Homer’s Donald Trump impression (could not STOP laughing at this) and this …

In a book of American crimes. 2 separate pages

So I found this episode hilarious and I really enjoyed the main plot with Sideshow Bob and his new family – it was lovely and needed to have a redemption episode AND I am happy they kept Sideshow Bob declaring VENDETTA because where is the fun in peaceful Bob?

The only problem I had with this episode was the pacing of the story. Because they tried to fit A LOT into this episode there were bits that were really rushed and bits that were maybe a bit longer then they needed to be. It had only been 3 minutes and the Simpsons were already on a plane to get a new car because Mr Burns had broken down next to a school of bored, watching kids. And then the ending annoyed me because it was rushed and a really silly conclusion to what was a great episode. It left me with some annoying questions like where did the car go after?, How did Homer keep his job after this? and How did Krusty get a limo on and off stage?? So I think they maybe needed to cut a few scenes (eg.that car chase) in order for this episode to flow and keep a steady pace.

I know I have given every episode 4 stamps (out of 5) but I really did enjoy this episode …

Sam Stamps: 

But trust me, we have a few ‘meh’ episodes to come 😉

How would you rate “The Italian Bob”?







Content they could have added:
(See gallery for images of most items mentioned)

  • Mr. Burns’s Stutz Bearcat
  • Da Vinci Airport
  • Lamborgotti Factory
  • Burn’s Lamborgotti
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Italian McDonalds
  • Cheese Truck
  • Giant Grape Stomping Tanks
  • Italian Mayor Sideshow Bob costume
  • Footballer Sideshow Bob costume
  • Opera Sideshow Bob costume

As always items that I think have a VERY slim chance at entering the game (eg. Guest stars) are with a *.

Content they have added (from this episode):

Francesca and the Italian Villa, featured in this episode, have returned but no new content is specifically from Italy.

So another country to add to the Sequel content ideas! 


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Well thank you very much for reading this week’s installment in Around the World in 10 days.

Want to know what country we’re visiting next? Then check out the map:

We’re off to Tanzania next week.

But until then, let me know what you think of the post, “The Italian Bob” and tell me which country you would choose to escape to if you were an escaped prisoner. Enjoy the event and Happy Tapping …

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