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Around the World in 10 Days #6: India

Hello globe trotting buddies and welcome to another “Around the World in 10 Days” post with last post hitting the midway mark. I started this at the beginning (ish) of this event and it ends one day before the event ends (how perfect!) and boy are they go quickly!

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Today we look at a travel episode that I thoroughly enjoyed when rewatching it. It’s a shame because it is often not looked at because of the underwhelming-ness (is that a word?) of the previous seasons. BUT with today’s look at “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore” we see Season 17 being a great one (with some great episodes out of the modern age).

So fasten those seatbelts and … Enjoy your ride to India

Today we are looking at “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore” which is S17 Ep17. Enjoy …

Episode Synopsis (from Simpsons Wiki):

“The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is moved to India and Homer is chosen to manage the Indian plant, but with all the gifts and praise he gets, he thinks he’s a god.”

Episode Review:

This is such a fun episode in my opinion but I can’t justify why so this review is brief.

The main plot with Homer going to India is VERY fast pace but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s packed full of stereotypes that don’t border on the racist line and full of jokes and laughs. Kavi was a fun character and I wish he returned in more episodes as I actually found him a well developed character that didn’t get much screentime.

The side plot was GREAT! I would go far enough and say that it might be one of my favourite side plots.

Side plot reminder: After Richard Dean Anderson insults his own show ‘MacGyver’, Patty and Selma decide to kidnap him (because they are obsessed with Richard Dean Anderson and MacGyver). The side plot is full of him escaping and then wanting to redo it again for the adrenalin until Patty and Selma get annoyed and result in boring him off with vacation photos 😁.

I found the B plot original, hilarious and the focus on Patty and Selma was really refreshing and something I always enjoy (especially with Richard Dean Anderson).

Overall … A very enjoyable episode with a side plot that could have deserved a whole episode

Sam Stamps: 

Content they could have added:
(See gallery for images of most items mentioned)

  • Sons of Sicily Hall
  • Richard Dean Anderson *
  • Indian Street Buildings
  • Indian Cow
  • Kavi (Apu’s cousin)
  • Indian Nuclear Plant
  • Snake Charming Basket
  • Homer’s Bodyguard
  • Tiger NPC
  • Indian Jungle Cruiser
  • Hindu God costume for Homer
  • Bollywood dancers
  • Taj Mahal

As always items that I think have a VERY slim chance at entering the game (eg. Guest stars) are with a *.

Content they have added (from this episode):

This event doesn’t visit India but as I’ve mentioned before (and will be elaborating in a future post 😉) I do think a sequel event will come next year and it would be the perfect opportunity to visit India along with other missed favourites like Australia and UK 😁.


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Well thank you very much for reading this week’s installment in Around the World in 10 days.

Want to know what country we’re visiting next? Then check out the map:

We’re off to China next week.
But until then, let me know what you think of the episode “Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore” and tell me which country you would outsource your nuclear power plant if you HAD to in the comments below. Enjoy the event and Happy Tapping …

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  1. Great episode! I also think this would be a great addition to the inevitable Around the world sequel next year ( along with the UK too) 🙂

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