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First of all … PINCH, PUNCH, FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH! 😁 *sticks tongue out*

We’re nearly at the end and I think it’s quite sad. I’ve enjoyed this journey around the world with The Simpsons and I hope you have too. 

The Simpsons have gone all around the world in episodes that range from the good, the (kinda) bad and the ugly and I think the “Simpsons go to …” episodes have become such a major and enjoyable part of the show. So in this 10 part series we overview 10 episodes where the Simpsons travel to a different country and what content it could bring to The Simpsons Tapped Out.

In this 8th part to the series of 10 we analyse a pinnacle episode for this event due to it’s recent use in Act 2. Because of the majority of Act 2 items coming from today’s episode, this post may be briefer due to not much content left to analyse 😁. Ready? Strapped in? Anything from the trolley? 

So … Enjoy your ride to Japan … 

Today we are looking at “Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo” which is S10 Ep23. Enjoy …

Episode Synopsis (from Simpsons Wiki):
After losing their last million yen, the Simpsons agree to participate in a dangerous Japanese TV game show in exchange for air fare back home.

Episode Review: 

Let me start by saying that Season 10 was a meh, if not bad, season where an obvious decline in episode quality took place (I’m not saying it hasn’t gone up since!) where some Season 10 episodes were just … lacking in quality. BUT this ending episode is great. Absurd, but great.

This is one of my favourite travel episodes (not THE favourite though 😉) because of the many laughable moments throughout and the memorable quotes. Japanese culture was really nicely presented in this episode – yes, it was stereotypical but all travel episodes have been – so a lot of room for jokes and story development.

The episode moved quite quickly and was quite random in what was happening, story wise, but that’s what I love about The Simpsons – they represent an American family that always seem to get into trouble, never having the “perfect” vacation.

Overall just a fun episode with the odd flaw …

Sam Stamps: EditEdit

Content they could have added:
(See gallery for images of most items mentioned)

  • Chuck Garabedian *
  • 99¢ store
  • 66¢ store
  • 33¢ store
  • Courtesy Cart
  • Japanese Toilet
  • Hello Kitty Factory *
  • Osaka Seafood Concern
  • Game Show host
  • Godzilla

As always items that I think have a VERY slim chance at entering the game (eg. Guest stars) are with a *.

Content they have added (from this episode):

The whole of Act 2 was Japanese based meaning that SO much of the content from this episode has come into the game. Including: Americatown, Battle Seizure Robot, Royal Tokyo and MORE

(See gallery, below, for screenshots of the Japanese TSTO items featuring in this episode …)


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Well thank you very much for reading this week’s installment in Around the World in 10 days.

Want to know what country we’re visiting next? Then check out the map:

We’re off to Australia next week!

But until then, let me know what you think of the post, “30 Minutes Over Tokyo” and tell me whether your most likey to be found at a 33¢, 66¢ or 99¢ store. Enjoy the event and Happy Tapping …

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