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Episode Overview: Homer the Heretic 

Hey Tappers! It’s Robobot here again, bringing you an episode Overview of the Season 4 Classic, Homer the Heretic! 

This Episode starts with A Sunday Blizzard. Marge still wants everybody to go to church despite the Blizzard, but Homer doesn’t want to. So while Marge and the Kids have are Cold and Miserable at Church 

Homer Stays home and has the time of his life. When Marge gets home, Homer tells Marge that because of how much fun he had, he’s not going to go to Church anymore. Marge gets upset by thi, and Prays to God to forgive Homer. Homer then has a dream where he visits God. God is at first angry, but After Homer tells God that he serves his family and works for his family, he sees no reason why he can’t worship his own way. God Understands. After that, Marge, Ned, and Reverend Lovejoy try your convince Homer back to being Christian, to no avail. Next Sunday, Homer once again stays home, but this time, he accidentally started a fire! 

Apu sees the Fire, and so Apu, Krusty, and Ned help Homer put out the fire, and they save Homer from the burning building. Homer at first thinks it’s God’s wrath, but Reverend Lovejoy tells Homer that God was working through the hearts of everyone. This convinces Homer to go back to church. 

What was your opinion on this episode? Comment Below! 


A brief Reflection of TSTO 2016

Hey Tappers! It’s the eve of 2017 and we wave goodbye to a rollercoaster of a year. In this post I do a brief reflection of TSTO 2016. fyi, all stuff in BOLD is written by Sam. Enjoy …

A Popular Opinion online is that 2016 was a really bad year, with tons of awful things happening and tons of celebrity deaths. While that’s true to an extent, I wouldn’t say 2016 was the worst Year ever. I actually had a pretty good 2016. 

TSTO had a good 2016 in terms of events. The events this year gave us tons of new items that we were wanting, and 2016 gave us a lot of new ways to get Donuts. 

(Sam…) I agree, there was a lot of hate going around with certain updates that wasn’t just or thought out. There have been a lot of positive additions and updates to the game, in 2016, that I think we need to celebrate.

My Favorite Event of the year would have to be The Casino Event. I really liked the Mini Games, and The Items were really cool. You could make your own Hollywood Area. 

(Sam…) My favorite event was also the Casino event. I just loved the LIGHTS and all that jazz – it brought some fun items and had huge possibility for design. The mini games it brought with it were GREAT but it was very annoying to see them go 😢.

My Least favorite Event would been to be Springfield Games. Not because it’s bad, but because it had a lot of potential to be a Tap ball 2 type of thing, and I thought that it was a little lame that we only got a Lisa Skin and Fatov. 

As for the show, the episodes were a mixed bag. I feel like the show is still good, it’s just that it’s not the same as it used to be. None of the episodes are really bad to me. It’s just that sometimes, it can feel a little stilted. 

My favorite Season 27 episodes are a tie between Cue Detective and Halloween of Horror. I thought that Cue Detective was a really fun adventure detective episode, and Halloween of Horror really had that old Simpsons heart and charm to it. 

(Sam…) I won’t tell Robobot that we are, currently, on Season 28. I think quality isn’t decreasing (much). It ISN’T what it was but I don’t think that is bad. I still watch every episode, enjoy every episode (some more then others) and I still love it for what it is now. Favourites of S28 are “The Last Traction Hero” and “The Town” but overall S28 is turning out to be pretty strong – well done FOX!

(Still Sam…) In conclusion, 2016 has been a fun year for Tapped Out and it got a lot of undeserved hate just because EA tried something new with updates. 2016 will be the year of experiments (they tried religion, sequels, new systems – eg. Daily Tasks, Rewards for premium purchases) and I respect that 😃. I think people need to approach the game with a respectful and positive attitude. It is a game that costs loads of money that has been offered for FREE (be grateful for it!). From a positive perspective: In 2016 we got:

  • A much needed cut and paste mechanic! Super helpful!!
  • A sequel superhero event that actually gave some cool items – when you think about it.
  • TSTO’s first ever alive guest star (not including Mr Greoning): Stephen Hawking , who was flipping amazing!
  • The extremely helpful visual task icon – becuase it’s mostly what I send my characters on.
  • We got Starsuit Maggie!!! Enough said. *mic drop*
  • And a whole lot more … Make a list – it’ll surprise you.

So have a great new year, if the timezone you are in is there already, but for me I have a few hours. There might be a post tomorrow for the new year but until then Stay Positive and Happy Tapping …


Episode Overview: The Wettest Stories Ever Told (Sort of) 

Hey Tappers! The Christmas Update looms on the horizon, and I thought a fun send off to the Thanksgiving update with an episode overview would be good! I was thinking of the episode to base it when same gave me the idea to do an overview on the First Story of the episode “The Wettest Stories ever told”  as it fits with the Thanksgiving Theme. So here goes. 
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Happy Thanksgiving! 

Hey Tappers! I know most that this blog is called Tapped Out UK, but I thought it would be fun to say happy Thanksgiving! As I live in America, I do celebrate Thanksgiving, as a time for giving thanks, and spending time with family. So even if you don’t live in America, it would be nice to give thanks for all that you are thankful for. 

We got a little gift in the game and a few returning items.

Sam opinion: Pick up Mrs Bouvier! She’s great and a net price of 95🍩 is great for a funny combo that comes with a voiced character.

Now for a message from Sam:

Hey gobblers! Hope you are all doing fine. Being British, there isn’t much Thanksgiving talk at all. I still use it as a day to reflect on what I am thankful for (a life, family, food, water, TSTO – can you spot the one I could live without? Trick question, I couldn’t live without any 😉).
I am a big fan of history so Thanksgiving is also a time for me to spruce up and refresh my American history but we all know my puritan knowledge comes from that Wettest Stories Ever Told segment (seriously – I loved it).
I really do hope that all my US pals out there have a great day. Gobble til you wobble 😉.
And for people worldwide: take this as a day to be truely grateful that you live in a privelliged world. Maybe take the time to write down all the amazing stuff in your life and you will be surprised at how the major and minor stuff really does affect your life. HT out! 🙋

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

Tell me what you’re thankful for in the comments below! 🙂 


ToUK Blog Halloween Art Showcase 

Hey Tappers! Today won’t be the usual post, it will be an art gallery showing off some cool Halloween Art I found on the web!  

(I wish I could drw that well) 

(Some more amazing art in the form of tatoo designs) 

(These Pieces show Bart dressing up as various horror movie characters)

(The last piece of Art is an amazing recreation of one of the THOH Openings) 

So those are the pieces! 

Here’s the Source: Simpsons Art

 What’s your favorite piece? Comment Below! 


The Origins of: Filmmaker Lisa 

Hi Terrifying Tappers! Today’s post is an origin on one of the new items, Filmmaker Lisa! 

Filmmaker Lisa actually never appeared in the show in costume. But she did make a movie in the episode “Any Given Sundance” 

The episode starts with The family at a Tailgate Party. Lisa’s bored, so she decides to work on her Film Project. 

Lisa goes around the Tailgate, and she finds tons of awesome shots, and says to herself that she’s a born Filmmaker. 

Lisa then turns her movie into rye visual arts teacher, and he’s not impressed, and gives it a 3 out of 5. 

Lisa’s upset about this grade and goes to Principal Skinner 

Skinner says that Lisa’s movie is good, and Skinner even let’s Lisa get some stuff from the AV room to make another movie 

Lisa goes home, and decides to make a documentary about the Simpsons. Lisa tells the family to act natural 

Skinner and Chalmers hear about Skinner’s Movie, and the movie is sent to Sundance. Lisa’s movie gets accepted, and she is proud of her filmmaking skills. Later, the Simpsons go to Sundance, and they see that the movie is about the sad and negative aspects of the family. The Simpsons are upset and Lisa feels bad. Lisa then learns a lesson about film, and everything is back to normal 

So that’s the origins Filmmaker Lisa. Sorry this felt rushed, I’ve just been busy recently. 😅



The Origins of: Hellementary School! 

Hi Spooky Skyfingers! As always, a new event comes with new items and you wonder, “I wonder where this item originated”. Well Have no fear! Today’s item getting the origin treatment is the new premium Hellementary School! 

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The Origins of: Crazy Iguana Lady 

Hey Terrifying Tappers! The THOH event for this year has started, and a new event comes with new items! The new item that we will be seeing the origin of today is the Crazy Iguana Lady, the New Crazy Cat Lady Skin!

This Insane Iguana lover made her first and only appearance in The Episode “Treehouse of Horror XXIII”. 
The Episode opens with a peek into Mayan Civilization to way back when. The first person we see in this opening is the Crazy Iguana Lady herself, throwing iguanas!

 I would talk more about her, but that’s it! She only appears for a few seconds. This wouldn’t be the first one shot character though. I guess Every Civilization has some people that are a little loopy. If The Crazy Cat Lady went insane after being overworked being a Lawyer, and a Doctor, maybe the Crazy Iguana Lady was overworked being a Mayan Healer and Lawperson!
So that is the bite-sized origin of a bite-sized appearance! Have you gotten her yet? Comment Below!


The Origins of: Cinnabun, Springfield Glenne Condos, and Banana Dictatorship

Hey Tappers! The Season 28 Premier update is coming to an end, so it’s time for the Origins of Cinnabun, Springfield Glenne Condos, and Banana Dictatorship!  Continue reading


All You Need to Know: Laird Lad and Retro Lard Lad 

Hey Tappers! The Simpsons is back with Season 28, and there is a tie in with all new items! Read on for all you need to know about Laird Lad and Retro Lard Lad!  Continue reading

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