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Season 28 tie-in live: Battle of the Brands

Season 28 is starting Sunday this month and what better way to promote this then with a rather cool update/tie-in. “Battle of the Bands” is the name of this one and it works a bit like a mini-event with some nice new, returning and some Springfield Height additons store!

This update is to promote Monty Burns Fleeing Circus which will air as the Season 28 premiere this Sunday (25th September)!


For this update you will need to install the App Store SciFi takedown and then the actual update is in game – meaning just go in your game, watch it download, enjoy!

This post is completed with the basics but so much more to cover in future posts.

The mini-event starts with …

Homer: Ah, the coffee break: the sweet spot between beer breakfast and lager lunch.
Lenny: If you’re looking for donuts, forget about it.  Burns is on another health kick: all we got is Kombucha and kale.
Homer: No donuts?!  This isn’t like health insurance, you can’t just take it away!

… and a tasked 3hr job for Homer for the Battle of the Bands Pt 1
store items.PNG
When that is done, you will be awarded with the new Lard Lad (new building – with the Lard Lad statue missing!)
On no the statue is missing! Who could explain?
Ooooh, but that is a mystery later prize 😊

After that you are tasked to send Homer on a 3hr task which earns Gift Cards. This also unlocks Gift Card tasks for Laird Lad, Lisa, Moe, Ned and Homer which are all 3hrs and earn 1 gift card – Laird Lad earns 2 gift cards!
This will unlock Moe’s Brewing Co after task completion and collection of 12 gift cards.

Store Items:

store items.PNG

Come back soon, happy tapping


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  1. Very nicely done. I like that it reinforces the mood of the original, not just a dry statement of fact.

  2. Great post Sam 🙂

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