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TSTO Riddle Me This: Bonuts Challenge

Hello guys. I completely understand that my last blog post was 1 month ago but I really wanted to kick-start my YouTube channel but now that I’ve got it in a place where I’m comfortable recording, editing and uploading I’m sure I can have both running a long side each other working in perfect …


Let’s be honest, you probably clicked this link thinking “What the heck is this post about?” – maybe some Bonuts explanation? Some strategy for getting 3 bonuts every time? Well … You’d be wrong if you thought such a thing. Let me explain …

I love riddles. I also love Maths, Game Theory, Problem Solving. So I thought I would share some puzzles with you that have something to do with Simpsons or Tapped Out. Most of these riddles will be loosely based on pre-existing game problems but twisted, by me, to fit a Simpsons/Tapped Out and unique spin.

So here is the first ever TSTO Riddle Me This … The Bonuts Challenge:
Will you be able to solve it? If you can then let me know of your method down below in the comments. Let’s begin …

Let’s say that EA introduce a new Bonut (bonus + donuts) system into the game that goes something like this:

There are 3 boxes shown with 1 donut, 2 donuts or 3 donuts placed in a random order in those boxes (like the current bonut system). The player picks a box and then the computer displays the box with the lowest amount of donuts between the 2 boxes that the player didn’t pick. Then the player gets the opportunity to either swap or stay. What should he do to be more likely to get the highest amount of donuts?

There are so many methods for working this riddle out – you could do a maths explanation or just use some logic. Let me know down in the comments how you solved it or if you have no idea how about having a guess – swap or stay?

I’ve hoped you enjoyed this post – I’ll make sure I’ll get an answer post up next week but before then keep speculating down in the comments below and Happy Tapping!

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  1. Love it! Like twist or stick…

  2. Ummm. …
    Great riddle Sam
    Ummm. …
    I think I need to think about this. 😉

  3. Felicia Fancy

    June 9, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    Stay 🙂
    I don’t know why?!?

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