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Bring on the second wave!

This morning 8:00 GMT the wave one items went and gil is back with some more! When you blog in after the time you will find Gil begging on his knees (desperate ol gil) with the street cleaner icon above his head, like he did on the first wave!


When clicked there will be a short duologue between him and Marge

Gil: I’m back with even more fun stuff!!!
Marge: Spring Cleaning is about getting rid of stuff All your doing is bringing more junk and it’s driving me crazy!
Gil: But what about something that cleans more than it clutters
Marge: Like a Roomba
Gil: But writ large! For just a few donuts, I can offer you a professional Street cleaner…

Then you will see the get em now pop-up!


So what is offered in wave two:

image * Street Cleaner 90 donuts with 35 rebate (more about that soon)

* Flower Planter 10 donuts with 3 rebate

image * Nightmare pile 100 donuts with 35 rebate

image * Museum Of Swordfish 70 donuts with 25 rebate

Also, Moe’s House and the Nature Bundle are still available

If you reject gil:

Gil: Looks like ol’ Gil won’t be bringing anything to the hobo potluck this year.

Gil: Not that I can ever compete with Toothless Joe’s gummed potatoes…

(Thanks to simp7fan for telling me about the second gil rejection!)

Wave two ends 17th April 8:00 (GMT)! So that’s a basic breakdown of wave 3 and look out for future posts about the items! Are you going to get anything? Do you think this is a reasonable gil deal? Tell me in the comments as I love hearing from you guys!

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  1. Simp7fan are you going to start writing a post! Could you tell me what it is going to be about (maybe a prediction of what might happen after the deal)!

  2. Oh, you didn’t post the rejection dialogue.

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