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The Bundle Breakdown: Future-Proofed House, LadyBot and Frink!

BundlesDoppelgangers from another dimension have invaded Springfield in this fun new Sci-Fi event. With all events come new prizes, gameplay, features and items – meaning more to break down and explain. Frink disappeared at the beginning of the event, but now we see the return of him, the lab and a lady friend.

In this post I break down the Frink Deal bundle, The Future-Proofed House Bundle and the Future-Proofed House building separate.

What can I get and What are the prices?


If you don’t have Frink and the Lab then you can get Frink, his lab and LadyBot for 200Donut Tapped Out.png and then you get 75Donut Tapped Out.png back (net price: 125)

And then if you want the Future-Proofed House seperatly then you can pay 45Donut Tapped Out.png

If you do have Frink and the Lab then you can get the Future-Proofed House and LadyBot for 100Donut Tapped Out.png.

Facts, Stats and Trivia

  • Carl has a permanent 7hr task at the Future-Proofed House, “Drink Future-Proofed Liquor”
  • Lights turn on in the house when in use.
  • The LadyBot questline collects 396ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg in total!
  • After the completion of the LadyBot’s questline she can still earn 66 ico_cur_scifi2016_time_lg every 4hrs.
  • The House has dimensions of 7×7 and earns Cash.png135 and 15XP every 4hrs

Opinions (Should you buy them?):

  • If you haven’t already get the Frink deal. 200 donuts may seem a lot to pay, at first, but then with a rebate of 75 donuts, 125 donuts is an amazing deal for a building and 2 characters – not to mention that Frink and his lab is a great, fun combo!
  • As for the LadyBot and Future-Proofed House, 100 donuts is an amazing deal for a character/building combo. She is a really fun character that comes with a funny, 6 part questline and she helps collect event currency with it!
  • But for the future-proofed house separately, I wouldn’t buy it. 45 donuts isn’t the best of prices – especially as it doesn’t help with the event (doesn’t pay out currency, destroy robots etc). I would only get this if you are crazy about getting it and would regret not buying it!

Final Verdicts:

  • Get the Frink and LadyBot Bundle!!! 125 donuts for 2 characters and a building is great.
  • Get the LadyBot and Future-Proofed House bundle! 100 donuts is a no-brainer when it comes to combos.
  • Unless you are super crazy about the Future-Proofed House then pass.

So there you have it … the breakdown of some amazing deals!

The Origins of: Ladybot 

Which one’s did you get? Want a mother task for the LadyBot? Keep sending Frink to test his flying machine? Tell us below in the comments and happy tapping!

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  1. I knew the house would glitch away so I bought it first then Frink. But, maybe it should have glitched away because I don’t think I really needed the house in my town. Frink and LadyBot are pretty great, though!

  2. I picked this deal up straight away. I didn’t already have Frink so I bought the whole deal but I didn’t get the opportunity to buy the future proofed house. So far the Ladybot questline is making me laugh.

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