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Homerpalooza Item Calendar [SPOILERS!]

Hello Musical Tappers and welcome to a post that I created to be of guidance for those tappers looking ahead, planning those donut farms and scouting out which items to buy. This Homerpalooza event is chockablock of AMAZING items, in my opinion, so I know my donut bank is going to be low by the end of this festival.

I’m more of a visual reader so I know when looking for spoilers I would have appreciated a visual version of dates and what items were going to hit on each day so read on for a visual calendar of the items to come in this Musical Extravaganza …


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the Shinning bundle and the aMAZEing possibilities

Act 2 has recently hit. Prizes have switched, items have left and some items have arrived with a pathetic fan fare. I must give it to EA – a lot of items that have arrived or are arriving are much requested items. A letter to EA post soon to come about all the cool items I love with this event.

All that is new for Act 2 (so far!) is a few bundles and one is a much requested bundle containing the Shining hotel. Read on for more information …

  • Name: The Shinning Bundle
  • Price: 110 donuts
  • Contains
  1. The Shinning Hotel
  2. 1 Shinning maze (returning)

Because the maze individually (more on that soon) is 55 donuts we can assume that EA are making us pay the leftover 55 donuts for this Shinning Hotel.

When placed, the hotel awards a one-time 605 MAG points! This took me up 1 or two levels. But I don’t reccomened getting this bundle just for that.

But I already have the maze? How come I can get the bundle AND individual mazes?

Well, random italic speaker, the Shinning mazes are now unique!! Does that excite anyone other than myself? Probably not. I love the mazes and I will be picking up more than one.

The Shinning Hotel is a building – payout 500💵 and 45XP every 24hrs. The maze does not have a payout (unique decoration).

What should I buy?

Random italic speaker you REALLY should warn me before you jump out randomly. In my opinion, I would grab the bundle. I really like the design, the price is reasonable and I really like the segment these items came from. Can you get which segment The Shinning bundle came from? 

I have looked ahead and not much pleases me in terms of store items so I picked up the bundle. I would not reccomend going crazy with the maze spending 55🍩 is quite a bit for a decoration and I already have 1 from a yard sale, plus the one that came with the bundle.

However, if you have missed a few Halloweens then there are some more flashback bundles and SPOILERS SPOILERS booooooobs are coming back!

So really it is up to you, your sense of design and whether you are bothered in returning items.

What have you done with the maze? Have you made a hedge maze? PLEASE show us all designs with a maze in for a possible (if we get enough!) maze showcase

I did a mansion design using the maze. Click here for the tutorial.

PS. Pleade ignore the ‘take our survey’ banner because it is old and until I understand how to take it down from a few old posts then I will.

Please take part in our blog feedback if you haven’t already

Stay safe, stay spooky my little skyfingers. HT out …


All You Need to Know: Giant Robot

Hiya Tappers! It’s the middle of Act 1 of the Sci-Fi event, and I think it’s a good time to tell you, yes, you, all you need to know about the Giant Robot! But before we get started, I should tell you guys that from now on I’ll be doing these posts a bit differently. Instead of telling you the slightly new layout, I’ll just let you read on and find out for yourself. šŸ™‚

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All You Need to Know: Robo Burns, Doggy Smithers, and the Soul Extraction InstituteĀ 

Hi Sci-Fi Skyfingers! The Sci-Fi Event has just hit, and it’s time to tell you all you need to know on the 1st premium characters of the event, Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers! 

Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers in the Simpsons: 

The Robotic Duo make their first appearances in the episode Rosebud

In the episode, it’s Mr. Burns’ Birthday, and he remembers his stuffed Bear Bobo, who was his childhood treasure. Bart finds an old beat up Bobo in a bag of ice from the Kwik-E-Mart, and gives it to Maggie. Maggie grows attached to Bobo, and when Mr. Burns finds out that the Simpsons have Bobo, Mr. Burns is prepared to give them untold riches for Bobo, but Homer doesn’t want to sell Bobo, because Maggie likes it. In the end, Maggie gives Bobo to Mr. Burns. Fast Foward in the future, Apes have taken over the world and the humans our now slaves. Mr. Burns is still alive in a Robot Suit, and he runs away from the apes followed by Doggy Smithers . 

Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers in Tapped Out: 

Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers, are both premium characters Not Skins. Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers both earn at a premium rate, and they have a 4 hour joint task together. 

Final Verdict: 

Buy! Buy! Buy! This Robotic Duo is an amazing deal. It’s 2 characters, and 1 building for only 100 Donuts! Every Player, Premium or Freemium, should get this out of this world deal!!! 

What’s your opinion on these 2? Have you gotten them already? Comment Below!  


All You Need To Know Combo Pack: Milhouse’s Trailer and Beach HouseĀ 

Jiminy Jillikers  Super Skyfingers! Milhouse’s Trailer and the Radioactive Man Film Set have been released into our games, so I figured I would do a All You Need to Know Combo Post, with Milhouse’s Trailer, and another act 3 premium item, the Beach House! 

(The Beach House is Simpsons Tapped Out Exclusive) 

Milhouse’s Trailer in the Simpsons: 

Milhouse’s Trailer comes from the Season 7 episode “Radioactive Man”. Milhouse Is cast as Fallout Boy for the Radioactive Man Film. Milhouse gets his own trailer filled with Candy, and Arcade Machines, too bad his too busy working on the Film to enjoy it. 

Milhouse’s Trailer and Beach House in Tapped Out: 

Milhouse’s Trailer is a Decoration, and The Beach House is A Building. Milhouse’s Trailer is 40 Donuts, and the Beach House is 120 Donuts. 

Radioactive Man has a 16 Hour Task at the Beach House to “Shirk His Responsibilities” 

Milhouse has a 12 Hour task to “Sulk about Fame” 

Final Verdict: 

Milhouse’s Trailer is a Fun Item. It’s awesome if you’re making a “Radioactive Man Film Set”  Area. It also gets you a 12 hour premium job for Milhouse. Buy it! . I wouldn’t buy the Beach House though. It’s 120 Donuts for building, and there are much better deals this Act like the Scoutmaster. 

What’s your opinion on Milhouse’s Trailer and Beach House? Comment Below! 


Gil Returns: Radioactive Man Film Set rundown

Guess who’s back, back again
Gil is back, tell a friend

Yes, you heard me right! Gil is back for a second shot at selling you a rubbis– I mean bargain in this superhero sequel.
Gil brings something out the files – unreleased – to give you a fun, but as usual a pricey, new item!

Read on for more infomation and whether you should buy this deal …
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All You Need to Know: Social Battle PrizesĀ 

Hi Super Skyfingers! It’s the start of Issue 3, and as the event is ending, it’s time for An All You Need To Know on the Social Battle Prizes! Read on! 

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All you need to know: The Scoutsmaster

Issue 3 hit recently, get the rundown post here, of this suped-up sequel event! With Springfield gone super (again!) it means new prizes, quests, “adventures” and of course items hitting throughout. More items means more info to gather and compile into fun posts!

In this post we explore a fun character, The Scoutsmaster, who is released as a stand alone character that hit with Issue 3. Read on for all the information you need on the funniest, yet “the worst villain of them all” according to Fallout Boy …

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All you need to know: Milo & Coolsville

Super Skyfingers assemble for a new Superhero sequel! With all events come new prizes, quests and a mixture of premium and freemium items. These posts are to cover all the helpful information you need about a selected item/collection of related items all in one post.

Today we cover a building and character combo that arrived, as put in the files, yesterday at 8 BST. So read on to get an exclusive video on unlocking and owning this combo along with the stats, facts, origins and opinions on whether you should own it …


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All you need to know: Squawky!

4th of July has arrived a tad early in our Springfieldā€™s with a fun new update with a new questline and dialogue with a mixture of new and returning items – find the ins and outs here. In this update items are either free, premium or freemium and in the post we explore all the information about a new NPC, Squawky, that has been released in our games as a freebie unlocked in the questline. Can someone please calm Brooders down? Thank you … Find out:

  • How to unlock it
  • The stats and facts about this item
  • And ā€¦ Where it came from with a quick overview of the episode it came from.

ā€¦ right after the jump ā€¦


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