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A Big Blog Announcement!

Hello guys and popping in today with a quick yet, what I would call, some exciting news for the blog.
As you may know if you read my Li’l life updates over at, I have MANY interests. I love movies, books, TV, music, games and other stuff that I could “geek” over and for many months now I’ve had the idea of having a second blog to geek out on but I just don’t have the time to run two blogs and a YouTube channel so …

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Winter 2016 is Fa la la la live!

Snow is falling, all around me, Wickers brewing, having fun. Tis the season. The season for some glitches. Merry Winter everyone. Notice how I say Winter because it looks like this event involves some Wickers and some spells. What is going on in Springfield? What has the Gnome got to do with it? YES, he does have a role. Can you spot him …

Winter 2016 – store panel

Live on IOS and Android so far (Amazon *sigh* good luck my friends)

The event looks like a magical one. Wickers, freaks and the gnome (sounds more like a Halloween event tbh):

App store description:
Time to celebrate the Holidays like the good ol’ days. And we mean very, very ol’. Think goat heads and bonfires. Join the Simpsons family and friends (and bitter enemies) as they celebrate non-traditional holiday festivities and have one big Pagan party in your town

Enjoy playing my friends. Get used to the snow, play through, have fun (it’s a game!) and Happy Tapping …


Homer’s Chiliad the basics (with new policy!)

A new update deserves a new banner (look above) and with the new banner and update comes a new policy here at TOuk Blog! So read on to find out the basics for the fun update and what we pledge to do for you …


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