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A Birthday tribute to Bleeding Gums Murphy

On this site we like to celebrate the birthday of characters in the Simpsons or important figures in the making of the show or TSTO – I have dropped out of doing them for months but I promise to gradually bring them back. This is a mixture of a post: it’s a wish list request, birthday bash and tribute to the one and only … Bleeding Gums Murphy!

Murphy Kenneth “Bleeding Gums” Hibbert was born on the 7th of January 1936. He first featured in the episode “Moaning Lisa” where he became a mentor and inspiration towards Lisa when coaching her. A touching episode that is loved across the fanasphere (that’s not a word – but I don’t care).
In the episode “bla” Lisa finds Bleeding Gums Murphy in a hospital bed after Bart ends up in hospital. After a moving serenade of a jazz song he explains a bit about his family and life but when Lisa comss back … 

He has departed (😢) and after the funeral (of only Lisa) she decides to buy his one and only album “Sax on the Beach”.

Ever since then, he made a few, unexplained, cameos – including The Simpsons intro when Bart skateboards down the road.

Bleeding Gums Murphy was a fan favorite character and I can see why. He was liked because characters wanted someone like him – someone that shared an interest and cared enough to develop that interest and create a genuine bond with someone surround by lack of interest. Wouldn’t you like a Bleeding Gums character in your life?

Last year Safi did a great job of an “Addicts Most Desired Character” and although I was sad to see Mr Bergstrom not make it, Bleeding Gums Murphy was a deserving winner!
EA read Addicts – it’s a fact. Proof: they do an episode list with #1 being Homer the Heritic and then *poof* we got a ‘Homer the Heritic’ mini-event. So I think it is very likely that we will get him at some point before the end of the game – I haven’t seen a chance that they couke have added him with previous updates.

If he did come into the game here are some brief ideas (I might do some seperate ideas post on each of the event idea mentioned):

  • A building he could come with: The Jazz Hole
  • Unlock Screen quote: “The Blues ain’t about feeling better; it’s about making other people feel worse.”
  • A Visual Task idea: Play sax with Lisa
  • Events he could come with: Music event, Lisa’s inspirations mini-event, Back from the Dead event (possible THOH theme)

So that was a brief tribute to Bleeding Gums Murphy because of his birthday today (RIP BGM) and I hope to see him in the game at some point! Now for the song … (Sing it with JAZZ)
Happy Birthday to you
Your death made us blue
Your love was inspiring
Happy Birthday to you
I hope you enjoyed this post! Please leave comments and birthday wishes below. Have a great weekend and Happy Tapping …


Happy Birthday Brooders!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend, Black Friday Weekend in the game, brought anything?

Other than being the third installment of the Black Friday Weekend deals it is also a very special day for someone else. It’s Brooders birthday!! 🎇🎉🎊🎆

Who is Brooders, you may ask? Brooders, now, owns TOuk – making her my blog boss.

What is TOuk, you may ask? TOuk is an amazing community full of TSTO addicts and nutcases. We all love to talk about the game, the Simpsons, live and loads of other and informal topics. It is like a second home to me – everyone there is amazing and I hugely reccomened you go, join and say hello. CLICK HERE TO JOIN. Once you have joined, make some details, a profile picture and come and say hello on the main feed (stuck? Ask – we love helping) – hope to see you there!

Tim made the site a few years ago and built up this mini empire of TSTO nutcases – after tappersunited, my old blog, started to get noticed Tim asked if I wanted to have a blog with TOuk. I said yes and I will never regret that day! I love it here – don’t you?

Brooders, an amazing person who talked and got broodered a lot on the site, brought TOuk a few months ago and she could have ditched my blog – it costs her extra money – but she didn’t and I am hugely grateful for her constant support. It is a blessing to know her digitally.

She is also the author of the popular, hilarious and one-off Brooder’s guide to TSTO Events (hoping for a sequel) and can be seen around Addicts sober or not 😉.

Wish her Happy birthday messages below and it would be truely amazing if you joined TOuk and made her day. 

Happy Sunday tappers … Happy Tapping …


Birthday Bash: Milhouse Van Houten


It’s time for another post where we celebrate the birthday of either a Simpson character or a cast and crew member important to the Simpsons by reviewing their history (biography of their life), looking at quotes or reviewing what they do.
I do hope that everything comes up for Milhouse’s birthday!

In this post I wanted to explore Milhouse and some of his greatest and funniest moments in Simpson history! So read on to get more information …

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Happy Birthday Mona!

Happy Wednesday Tappers! Today it’s
The Birthday of Homer’s Mom, Mona!


Mona was a powerful Woman, who fought for what she believed in, and was a Inspiration to everyone around her. (except for Mr. Burns) So Today we will be celebrating her!

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Happy (late) Geeks and Grandpa Day!

Homer visited and shoved a jammie doughnut in my router yesterday – I did try to explain that you don’t need to feed the router – so I couldn’t post this post yesterday – the expected day 25th May – due to lack of WiFi so here is a fun post which refers to yesterday’s events! Enjoy …

Yes, the “event” is made up but due to the fact that yesterday it was Abe (Grandpa) Simpson’s birthday and that yesterday was also Geek Pride Day (*waving high flag*) I have named the 25th May Geeks and Grandpa Day! So find out what geek’s are displayed throughout our favourite cartoon series, fun facts about Grandpa and more right after the jump …

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