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TOuk Blog Countdown Calendar 2017!

IT’S DECEMBER! December is full of Christmas songs, Christmas memories, Christmas movies, Christmas shopping, Christmas meals and more festive filled fun. And as December has started, we start to open the doors of our chocolate or other treat filled calendars to countdown the days till Christmas!

Last year I made an Advent Calendar filled with Simpsons and Non-Simpsons related fun and people seemed to enjoy that so this year I decided to do it again. I’ve spent quite a bit of time filling the doors with fun videos, images, links to do with The Simpsons, Christmas or just a random bit of fun so I hope you enjoy opening each door daily :D.

If you can’t see the advent calendar above CLICK HERE to go to the full website

DISCLAIMER: If you see parts of the calendar in German, It’s just part of the website and the parts that matter are in English so don’t worry 🙂

And if the calendar asks you some questions and you want to start a conversation then COMMENT DOWN BELOW on this post and I’ll be certain to join in the festive talk. Hope you enjoy this calendar and what’s behind each door, look forward to hearing from you all and Happy Tapping!


TOuk Blog Advent Calender 2016

Looks like the Christmas event WON’T hit today 😢, but it is the night before December so that means tomorrow you can start to open your Advent Calendar and it officially feels like Christmas time. 

Along with your home Advent Calender, if you have one, I thought it would be really fun to have an online one that you could open over HERE, as your TSTO home.

Below is the TOuk Blog Advent Calendar for 2016 where each day you find the door, open it and you will find either: a clip, an image, a Challenge for your game or a sweet little message.

 I really hope you enjoy it! Please spread the word about this TSTO Advent Calender, will be open all December (will make a sidebar link later on) so come in everyday for your online Christmas cheer!
Happy Tapping …


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