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Homerpalooza Item Calendar [SPOILERS!]

Hello Musical Tappers and welcome to a post that I created to be of guidance for those tappers looking ahead, planning those donut farms and scouting out which items to buy. This Homerpalooza event is chockablock of AMAZING items, in my opinion, so I know my donut bank is going to be low by the end of this festival.

I’m more of a visual reader so I know when looking for spoilers I would have appreciated a visual version of dates and what items were going to hit on each day so read on for a visual calendar of the items to come in this Musical Extravaganza …


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SciFi Act 3 is live – the basics

What’s up interdimensional tourists? SciFi is wrapping up with the final act and week. This week will be a fun week concerning game content and blog content. We see Robots arise, dimensions collide, Stephen Hawking arrive in this new event!

Act 3 has gone LIVE and I am here to provide you with the basics to get you going …

The first thing that you might notice is that this act is 1 week long ending on the 20th Septemeber.

The SciFighter
The SciFighter concept will stay the same but like the Drone was added with Act 2, the Mega-Hawk was added for Act 3. When you see this in the SciFighter game tap it first as it helps other robots:

It still pays out event currency – the changed (more helpful!) payout.


Mech Robot – 2,750

Crazy Plane – 5,500

Mecha Hawk – 8,250

ItemsWhat’s in (the) store?

Give Apes the Vote Billboard
~ 15🍩

Rocket to Your Doom
~ 80🍩

Cremo Bot
~ 30🍩

~ 70🍩

Holo Bundle
~ 70🍩

Home of Tomorrow w/ Rocket Car & Chester Lampwick
~ 160🍩 get back 60🍩 (net price: 100🍩)

Home of Tomorrow (if you already have Chester and the Rocket Car)
~ 40🍩

We don’t cover gameplay here, unless for recaps or if it interests me, but you can find a full walkthrough here 😊

But basically, you will need your mighty skyfinger, Stephen Hawking and the Alternate Homers.

Wave goodbye to the Alternate Homers this act 😢

Remember: Event ends 20th September!

So there you have the basics. Now over to YOU! Comments mean a lot so tell us what you think of this event, your favourite part/concept/content, what you are looking forward to the most – the end?

Tell us below in the comments, happy tapping


The Bundle Breakdown: Future-Proofed House, LadyBot and Frink!

BundlesDoppelgangers from another dimension have invaded Springfield in this fun new Sci-Fi event. With all events come new prizes, gameplay, features and items – meaning more to break down and explain. Frink disappeared at the beginning of the event, but now we see the return of him, the lab and a lady friend.

In this post I break down the Frink Deal bundle, The Future-Proofed House Bundle and the Future-Proofed House building separate.

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Tappers Weekly Roundup #9

Hello fellow tappers and I present you with another ‘Tappers Weekly Roundup’ where we will round up all of the latest Simpsons, Tapped Out and TOuk news that happened in the last week. There will also be ‘animation of the week’ which is a part of the post that celebrates a character animation that we like or find funny! So read on to get your week roundup …

Also use this post as an open thread that will be up 1pm every Sunday! Can you be the first to comment?

First of all I would like to address something. You may be thinking, “doesn’t Sam usually do the Roundup?”  Well, Sam is away camping, and I’ll be doing the Roundup this week. Back to your regularly  scheduled programing. 🙂 

On Monday …
22th August

The Sci-Fighter Leaderboard was posted. Have you entered your score yet? 

I also did an All You Need to Know post on Robo Burns and Doggy Smithers 

On Tuesday
23rd August 

Sam did a post on The New Rockstar Maggie Gil Deal! 

On Wednesday …
24th August

Sam did a post on Sci Fighter and Flashing. Helpful for the Leaderboard! 

On Thursday
25th August

I did an All You Need to Know post on the Giant Robot with a new and improved layout 

Sam did a Origin Post and Rockstar Maggie and some other futuristic items 

On Friday
26th August

I released Tales from the Kwik-E-Mart Chapter 3!

Sam also did a Very Helpful and Informative Guide on the Act 1 SciFi Prizes 

On Saturday
– 27th August

I did an Origin Post on Sgt Skinner 

Sam did a (early) Rundown on Act 2

Sam did a post about character apologies that wouldn’t have been possible without friends at ToUK 🙂

And now for …
Animation of the Week

Giuseppe: Narrowly Avoid Losing His Fingers 

I love this task. I can imagine Him Blasting Robots with Fireworks lol 

Do you agree with the animation choice? Any opinions on this week’s post? Please chat in the comments and I can’t wait to see where this goes


Guide to the SciFighter (and Flashing – the legal way!)

Hello multiverse travelers!
What do you get if you mix Hologram items, cool dialogue, Stephen Hawking, Homer and a black hole? An awesome Sci-Fi event to blast the final weeks of summer.

Yes, that’s right, it’s sci-fi time in Springfield which means it is time for me to wave my geek flag high – can you see it? This event is full of fun items, prizes and a brand new mini-game … The SciFighter (dramatic music)!
Read on for a full guide on the SciFighter and flashes …

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The Ranks and Crimes of Frank Grimes

Thanks to Broods for the funny post title 😊

I write this post with genuine excitement for this update! It’s awesome –amazing opportunity for future design, great prizes, fun concept with hilarious dialogue and a cool selection of new, returning and rebated items.

All items offer something unique and different for our towns and with this mega cool sci-fi event we see the possible help of Frank Grimes.

For more info on Frank Grimes in this event and whether we think you should spend your sprinklies on him and the forgotten grave, read on …

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Sci-Fi event is live!

Fasten your seatbelt for a science trip through dimensions unlocking new and fun characters, buildings and features. Yes that’s right … the event of my dreams is here: a sci-fi event! Content looks fun and let me work through it before I update this post with more news.


Status: live on all devices!

I can’t play the game at the moment due to WiFi issues so here are some images and basic info to help you play:

Images very kindly provided by DrewDabble! 


Holo-Large Hedge – 💵1500

Holo-Small Hedge – 💵500

Black Hole – 10🍩 You can place multiple and they now have a bonus! Buy, buy, buy!

 Soul Extraction Institute – 100🍩 – Unlocks Roboburns and Doggie Smithers.

Giant Robot – 75🍩. Earns 3% Bonus on all cash and XP

Springfield of Tomorrow Sign – 35🍩

Robot Salvage License – 90🍩. Like most events have this is the consumable that doubles neighbor rewards – tapping on robots in neighbors towns.

The Polyvac, which later unlocks a mini-game, and Stephen Hawking are unlocked for FREE for the Part 1 of the questline. And I thought he would be offered at a hefty price tag!

Crafting is unlocked when you place the 3D printer for Build Me A Solid Pt 1:

The usual 3 act system:

Event summary

A sci-fi event with a new mini-event, items but the usual system. Tap robots and do tasks of the questline to gain Dark Matter (event currency) to unlock prizes.
Simple Version:
Tap robots + do tasks = Dark Matter = prizes

The rest you can work your way through. Easier to understand by playing through😊
Sorry for the lack of info and text but it is hard to write a post about something you haven’t unlocked yet! LOL

Enjoy the update, work your way through it – very self-explanatory, and happy tapping science sky fingers …


Superheroes 2: Issue 3 Rundown


Super Skyfingers assemble for an all-new issue for this super sequel! Issue 2 just left, Robobot did a great review here, meaning that the final hurdle is the third issue. The last issue of this event is filled with fun and surprises. With good prizes, great items and a fun and surprising questline. Read on to get a mega rundown of all Issue 3 info …

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Superheroes 2: Issue 2 Rundown


Super Skyfingers assemble for an all-new issue for this super sequel! In my personal opinion I think that Act/Issue 2 seems to always be there best Act/Issue of any event and there are some great items in store for us throughout this issue ,that I am really excited for, so read on to find out information about issue 2.

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Wild West Helpline: Crafting

The Frontier craze is coming to a slow end but for the last hurdle of the event EA introduced crafting (or trading) for the event! Crafting has been around for many events (monorail, casino etc) but unlike most events crafting, for the Wild West, was introduced near the end of the event not throughout.

Wild West Helpline Crafting

In the post you will find the answer to all of the below questions:
– What is “crafting”
– What is there to craft?
– How do I craft?
– Should I craft?

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