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SciFi Act 3 is live – the basics

What’s up interdimensional tourists? SciFi is wrapping up with the final act and week. This week will be a fun week concerning game content and blog content. We see Robots arise, dimensions collide, Stephen Hawking arrive in this new event!

Act 3 has gone LIVE and I am here to provide you with the basics to get you going …

The first thing that you might notice is that this act is 1 week long ending on the 20th Septemeber.

The SciFighter
The SciFighter concept will stay the same but like the Drone was added with Act 2, the Mega-Hawk was added for Act 3. When you see this in the SciFighter game tap it first as it helps other robots:

It still pays out event currency – the changed (more helpful!) payout.


Mech Robot – 2,750

Crazy Plane – 5,500

Mecha Hawk – 8,250

ItemsWhat’s in (the) store?

Give Apes the Vote Billboard
~ 15🍩

Rocket to Your Doom
~ 80🍩

Cremo Bot
~ 30🍩

~ 70🍩

Holo Bundle
~ 70🍩

Home of Tomorrow w/ Rocket Car & Chester Lampwick
~ 160🍩 get back 60🍩 (net price: 100🍩)

Home of Tomorrow (if you already have Chester and the Rocket Car)
~ 40🍩

We don’t cover gameplay here, unless for recaps or if it interests me, but you can find a full walkthrough here 😊

But basically, you will need your mighty skyfinger, Stephen Hawking and the Alternate Homers.

Wave goodbye to the Alternate Homers this act 😢

Remember: Event ends 20th September!

So there you have the basics. Now over to YOU! Comments mean a lot so tell us what you think of this event, your favourite part/concept/content, what you are looking forward to the most – the end?

Tell us below in the comments, happy tapping


Superheroes 2: Issue 3 Rundown


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Superheroes 2: Issue 2 Rundown


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Act 3 is live!

Act 2 has left our games and Act 3 is live! Fun skins, items, some great decorations and a questline comes with this Act! More posts coming but for now try and work your way though the last act and enjoy …


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Act 2 is live …

Act 2 has just hit! I am unable to play at the moment but soon I will be posting more posts to help guide you through the second act! Enjoy it!!! 🙂


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