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Chris Ledesma talks Simpsons popularity and 30 year milestone!

Hello guys and welcome to a post I announce with such excitement. Remember when I got to send question to THE Harry Shearer? It was such an honour and when I decided to randomly ask if I could send questions to THE Chris Ledesma, I never thought he would actually say yes. Chris has edited and work with the music for the show for EVERY episode of the Simpsons. Just let that sink in!

Chris has a really good blog which he links throughout his answers and I’ve defintaly enjoyed reading about his journey through the blog. The day came when I read his post about the recent 30 year milestone and randomly had a thought to ask him if I can ask him questions. I didn’t ask think he would say yes and actually send me his responses.

I hope you enjoy his responses …

Clarification: My questions are in bold whist his answers are in plain text 

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Harry Shearer talks voices, fun and Season 28!

Image result for Harry Shearer simpsons

I was truly amazed that here at TOuk Blog we were able to ask Harry Shearer some questions! I have a dream to interview a lot of famous people that have a connection to The Simpsons or Tapped Out. I started out with Harry Shearer – a truly amazing voice star – and sent him a tweet. It was only hours before he replied:


So, I sent him questions and he sent me replies. But before I go onto the interview …

Harry Shearer is a voice actor for The Simpsons voicing recurring characters like Mr Burns, Smithers, Dr Hibbert, Ned Flanders and so much more! The Simpsons would be NOTHING without the characters that he voices and the iconic voices that he has breathed into them. He is an inspiration. So now for the interview …
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