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The Invasion Before Christmas 2017 – Item Calendar [SPOILERS]

Winter has arrived in our pocket-sized towns and due to the introduction of aliens and a multitude of religeons (sounds truly Simpsons!), we – of course – have content that will be hitting the stores on selected days. Looking ahead to the spoilers there are some really fun items to come – a lot that I requested in my 2017 Wishlist – and even though most of the great content is in the prizes (which is great!), there are still some fun items to hit in our stores and because people seem to find the Item Calendars helpful, I thought I’d do it again for this wonderful Winter event.

This post contains SPOILERS so please only read on if you don’t mind the SPOILERS

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TSTO THOH 2017 – Item Calendar [SPOILERS!]

Treehouse of Horror 2017 seems to be the event that is receiving a range of opinions for the hate, the mediocre and the love and for me personally I’m enjoying the overall theme of the event, looking forward to building a Hogwarts style area, can see some super fun content for me but I can see the drag and the mediocrity for people that aren’t Pot(ter)heads like me.

But whether you love or you hate this Marmite event, there is content coming up and I’m sure there’s something for everyone and I definitly think that EA have done an good job at adding some classic items for some not into the Magical tone and I think people need to put in perspective how many years EA have done these events and the struggle EA would have had with making everyone happy with not that much classic THOH content left.

Due to the popularity of the Item Calendars – to me and to my beloved readers – It thought people would appreciate a Calendar to show the upcoming content in the game so – quite obviously – there are going to be SPOILERS so please DON’T read ahead if you’d rather not read that kind of content.


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