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Ranking EVERY Simpsons Treehouse of Horror segment!

From the iconic, trend-setter “Treehouse of Horror” episode of The Simpsons in 1990, The Simpsons have produced these Halloween Three-Parters every season since and they aren’t showing a sign of stopping. In this annual tradition we see the Springfield characters, that we’ve grown to love, take part in non-canon stories to scare, amuse and to reference popular Horror and Non-Horror movies. Over the 28 years we’ve seen 84 segments (including the segments of this year) so whilst there is a gold-mine of hilarious, iconic and chilling segments there are also the segments that are just randomly annoying or just passable so over October I decided to rewatch all of the Treehouse of Horror episodes to familiarize myself with each one and to give a fun ranking of ALL 84 segments.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when I ranked these segments and because of the vast amount of segments there are surely going to be segments that are interchangeable and may change as time goes by so doesn’t quote me on this ranking. This post is my opinion and I may or may not have opinions different to yours or to other places so please just respect that and enjoy …

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What we learnt about The Simpsons at San-Diego Comic Con 2017!

The Simpsons hit San Diego Comic Con on Saturday to release some exciting news about the show and the upcoming Season 29. The panel opened with a Trump short, included a live Q&A animation with Bart (to welcome Nancy Cartwright to the panel) and released some intriguing information.

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How culture has shaped The Simpsons (Pt. 1)

Hey guys. Saturday is upon us and I wanted to pop in with a post that has been in the “ideas book” for a while but I kind of just forgot it. So whilst most people have finished this event we might as well start the lull posts. Enjoy….

In this short Part 1 we look at Why culture has shaped The Simpsons?… An introduction …

A long time ago in a studio far far away (well it is for me) there was a team who created an idea that has formed society and culture as we know it. Starting from The Tracy Ullman Show and progressing to the mighty 28 seasons. Like all animated programmes of its time, when The Simpsons started, the creators used frames and hand drawn animation to create their episodes which produced that warm handcrafted and loved effect – seeming to flow more. The Simpsons used a base of directors, storyboards and a heck load of animators to produce and develop the show … until … IT happened. THE situation.


South Park originally premiered on August 13, 1997 on Comedy Central and although the animation was literal crap it gradually gained global success due to the many references it made to current day issues and jokes. Becuase the animation was so bad an episode of South Park would only take less than a week (!!!) to make due to its paper cutout and computer animated style. Now, before I continue let’s just confirm the difference between animation for The Simpsons and South Park at THAT time.

South Park used paper cutouts and computer animation whilst The Simpsons used pure frame (hand-drawn) animation

South Park episodes would take roughly 5 days to make whilst The Simpsons episode would take several months (and I mean, like, 6-8 months several).

South Park episodes were made back to back, meaning they made an episode, finished it, then made another episode etc, whilst The Simpsons episodes, I believe, were made at the same time, which is how they managed to get a season out in a year despite an episode taking 6-8 months to make.

So it was clear why South Park could make jokes that were relevant to that week’s news and affairs: they’d make an episode about the week’s current news, it would air, they’d make the next episode about the new week’s news, it would … And it would go on. But with the Simpsons they couldn’t do that because all the many episodes would be made at the same time. So they would have to make jokes that would still be relevent and funny 6-8 months later – The Simpsons is full of risks. (In Part 2 we look at Pokémon Go and that decision – based around what I just said).

The Simpsons has stayed true to ideas dating back to Walt Disney but we have seen, many times, The Simpsons updating their animation and it seems like they have taken many shortcuts in animation including:

  • Lower frame rate
  • Switching to Computer Animation
  • Adding less details

I have studied animation, in hope of becoming an animator, and this breaks my heart. For example, study this gif through the eyes of someone who has studied animation:


Looks snazzy but focus on Marge:

– Hair flick – Face changes: worried to relieved – Big arm movement – Body movement reacts to breathing

– Head turns (no face change and no hair, arm of body movement)

Now let’s break this up into frames:

Credit –

You can see a DRAMATIC change in animation. They have made it less “cartoony” with the way Marge turns round – which provided the heart and warmth to the show – and replaced it with a robotic turn of the head. In the modern couch gag – just an example I took for the animation comparison – you see less frames, fewer details and less exaggeration (look at the 12 principles of cartoon animation) compared to the beautiful, from an animating perspective, old couch gag.

Why do this? Because it means less frames and less detail.

Why do that? Save time and effort. An episode could come out slightly quicker.

Why do that? To keep up with modern news and references. See where I went with that?

So this change has its cons with time management and efficiency but it risks the decline in the homemade warmth. I know I am going to leave you on a bit of a cliffhanger … but …

In next week’s Part 2 we look at the effects of culture’s impacts on The Simpsons (including examples). I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say on this topic. Did you know about the switch over of animation style and the impact it made? See you next time and Happy Tapping …


Everything we know about THOH XXVII

So The Town has recently aired and that means that the next episode, airing this week, is the annual TreeHouse Of Horror episode. October has arrived and with the arrival of tje Halloween event I am definitaly in the Halloween mood! This year the THOH episode happens to be the 600th episode.

There has been so much hype and exclusive reveals about what is to be crammed into this milestone episode that I am super excited! Read on to find out everything we know about THOH XXVII …

600th episode promo logo.png

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Episode by Episode: Monty Burns Fleeing Circus

It’s been promoted in our games with a premiere tie-in, it’s had it’s own countdown on Twitter and Facebook and it finally arrived recently. Monty Burns Fleeing Circus premiered on the 25th of September. What was it about? Was it good? Did it clash/work with the tie-in? Read on for a review and overview …

The FOX episode synopsis:

“When Springfield is burned to the ground, the Simpsons beg Mr. Burns to fund its rebuilding. Burns agrees – with one condition: he gets to put on a variety show at the Springfield Bowl.”


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All we know about … Monty Burns Fleeing Circus

Season 28 is edging closer and closer and it is about 3 days until the season premieres. Uber excited – this season looks like a great one filled with many milestones and episodes that will create Simpsons history.

Imagine my face when I wrote this post the same day as the tie in was released. Confused? EA has released a tie-in mini-event for Tapped Out and I’m lovin’ it! So, what do we know about Monty Burns Fleeing Circus? Read on for all revealed spoilers and clues on this premiere episode …

First let me say, what an awesome and hilarious title for an episode! If you haven’t worked it out, the title is a play on words of Monty Python’s Flying Circus which I highly recommend watching!

This Mr Burns centric episode is a flashback episode that will showcase the childhood of Mr Burns. SimpsonsWiki has the synopsis of:

When Springfield is burned to the ground, the Simpsons beg Mr. Burns to fund its rebuilding. Burns agrees – with one condition: he gets to put on a variety show at the Springfield Bowl.

We also know that Amy Schumer has guest voiced Mrs Burns for this episode. I look forward to her deliverance:

Image result for amy schumer

That is pretty much all we know about the actual plot. We are guessing that Laid Lard MIGHT come into the plot somehow, but he could be a Tapped Out exclusive – which would be a rEAl shame!

Promotional Image:

Promotional Video:

But … We know a bit about the couch gag – the Adventure Time Crossover:

We first saw a glimpse of Simpsons and Adventure Time crossover in the 2014 Treehouse of Horror segment The Others were we see many doppelgangers of the Simpsons including my personal favourites – Lego and Minions:

Image result for adventure time simpsons

For all those Adventure Time fans – I am not so had to do some research – you will see: Lisa as Fionna, Bart as Finn, Homer as the Ice King, Marge as Princess Bubblegum, Santa’s Little Helper as Jake and Maggie as a hatless Fionna

Here are the details we know about this upcoming couch gag:

  • Theme to get “Simpsonized”
  • The Adventure Time theme will get the Simpsons makeover making it “Simpsons Time” and will parody the theme. Will be sung by Pendleton Ward, the shows creator
  • Will be a couch gag
  • Will last the opening credits and will have a parodying theme – Deh!
  • Pitched by Mike Anderson
  • Who’s he? A Supervising Director that pitched the idea of some sort of Simpsons & Adventure Time crossover.

So, looks like a fun episode. I know what the final prize for the TSTO tie-in is and it obviously relates to this episode! Can’t wait for it and the episode. It’s bound to be great 😊
Hope you liked this post. Plenty more to come about Season 28! Please sound off in the comments and Happy Tapping 😉


The Origins of: Sgt. Skinner 

Hi SciFi Skyfingers!Act 1 of the Sci-Fi event ends in a few days, so it’s time for the origins of Sgt Skinner! 

Read on! 


Sgt Skinner Made his first and only appearance in the Episode The Principal and the Pauper. 

The Episode begins with the Town at the School to celebrate Principal Skinner’s 20th anniversary of being the Principal of the School. The Festivities are ended by an Army Sargent coming to the school. It is revealed that he is “The Real Seymour Skinner”. *Facepalm*

It is revealed that The Skinner that we know and love is actually an imposter by the name of Armin Tamzarian. Skinner- I mean Armin, leaves town, and Sgt. Skinner replaces him as principal of the school. Things are all well and good, until the Town gets sick of The New Skinner, and wants the real Skinner Back.

 The Kids, then later the town, discover that he’s been living in a unsafe and grimey city. The Town tells him that they want him to come back, and so Skinner comes Back. The Town ties up Sgt Skinner and puts him on a train, and the Judge says that no one can mention Sgt. Skinner or Armin Tamzarian, under penalty of torture. 

My Opinion on the Origin Episode: 

Does Maggie have a Full Diaper, or does this Episode Stink! I’m going to have to go with option B. This episode had a pointless and lazy premise, Sgt Skinner was so boring and not interesting at all as a character. It honestly seems like the writers wanted to tick off the critics on purpose! 

Fun Facts: 

-Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood, the authors of I Can’t Believe It’s a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide, have praised the episode, calling it “one of the series’ all-time best episodes, mainly because it shows us a human side, not just of Principal Skinner, but of his hectorish Mom as well.” They add that “Martin Sheen steals the show in a brief but important slice of Simpsons history.”  Robobot Fact Opinion: While the Episode does show us a bit of a human side, the Episode “Boy Meets Curl”  Humanizes Skinner’s Mom much better, and makes this episode non-canon by showing Baby Skinner in the Womb 

-Critics say that this episode started the Decline of the Simpsons 

-This episode was written by Ken Keeler, and was the last episode written by him 

-Even Matt Groening hates this episode! ! 

So that’s the origin of Sargent Skinner. Do you have him yet? What’s your opinion on the episode? Liked the Fun Facts? Comment Below! !! ! 


Episode Overview: Marge VS the monorail

All aboard the ‘episode overview’ monorail. Destination ‘Marge VS the monorail’ recap. Please fasten your seat-belts for a 150mph detailed walkthrough of one of the best Simpsons episodes ever. Filled with monorail origins and Simpsons humour. Please refrain from eating, enjoy your ride … Continue reading


Springfield News: 600th episode announced

Hello and welcome to Springfield News with me Kent Brockman presenting recent Simpson and Springfield news. Read on …

Yesterday the much anticipated 600th episode information was released!

It will be the annual Treehouse of Horror (abbreviated to THOH) episode split into three segements. It will be THOH XXVVII and will air on October 16 2016, the usual THOH date, as the 4th episode of the 28th season.
The theme throughout the segments are “satire of dystopian movies” which sounds very promising.

The episode will open with different evil characters trying to kill of Simpson family members hopefully in a ‘long but epic’ couch gag!

The three segments plots will be:

  • Mr Burns makes Springfield completly dry when he eviley controls the only water.
  • Sarah Silverman, one of Lisa’s younger days imaginary friends, starts killing her actual friends go seek revenge
  • A James Bondy spy themed segment, with stereotypical accents from, Kingsman: The Secret Service where Moe sets up a secret service to try and create order on this world.

Really excited for segment 3 due to my love for spy mmovies and I can’t wait, and slightly worried, to see how they portray the Kingsman: The Secret Service accents as I loved the film.

The episode will then end with the credits alongside a bond anthem sung by Jedith Owen – wife to Harry Shearer – to close the episode and celebrate the 600 episode milestone.

The promotional poster shows the family in halloween outfits in a horror style poster with a hunger game style Maggie in the centre
The family outfits were announced as …
Homer wearing a Bender outfit
Marge wearing an ice cream cone outfit
Lisa wearing a recycling vin outfit
Bart wesring a raptor outfit

Al Jean joked “We’re excited because it really is the 600th episode. It’s not one of those cheats where it’s really 602,” referring to some “milestone” episodes where it wasn’t actually the exact episode number.

He also said “It’s a big show people look forward to, Even though it’s [episode] 600, it’s still exciting for me. I never feel like this is an old show. I feel that if this was a show that started last year, people would be excited about everything that’s going on.” Portraying that this will be a great episode but they aways are no matter what the milestone.

Huge possibility for a tie-in/event etc!

So thats all we know about the upcoming milestone episode! We will be back as soon as we hear more and with a rundown of extra news we hear about The Simpsons at Comic Con 2016 on Wednesday. For now … Happy Tapping …


Episode Overview: The mysterious voyage of Homer

Its saucy time in ol’ Springfield has the heat arises for the annual Chili Cook Off event in the form of a mini-event! Homer’s Chiliad is a mini-event based of the episode with the full name: El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer). I love this episode so am really enjoying this update.

So get the full overview for this fun episode to get more details of some of the mini-event origins that I will cover in more detail in later posts …

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