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Speculation for the rest of 2017 in TSTO

As this event comes to a much-needed and desired end, my Simpsons senses are tingling with the need to speculate and rewatch Simpsons episodes in the fun of planning of what COULD be coming next. With The Simpsons Tapped Out we are 99% sure that we will get specific holiday themed updates like Halloween and Christmas so with Halloween already near the end, I’m pretty sure that we can safely predict how the rest of 2017 will go for TSTO. So buckle down for a quick rundown of some TSTO teasers and what I think is going to end 2017 …

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TSTO – Some “Singing” Speculation

If you came here to listen to me sing this entire post from the title then get ready to be disappointed 😂

We are mid summer and last day of this Pride Day mini-event so that can only mean one thing … EA give us a two month break to let us enjoy our personal holidays? HAHAHAHAHA …

No. EA have definitely gotten into this routine of update after update and if I’m being honest … I like it. Just as long as they don’t “run out of ideas” because they’re going at an unsustainable rate. So with something lurking around the deep dark corners of the EA servers and from the clues that they’ve given, I’m getting very excited! 😊

Some enjoy some speculation and ideas of what’s to come in the next Tapped Out update …

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Ah’ve got a wee idea for what’s to come

Hello world trotting tappers and welcome to a wee bit of speculation. With the event coming up to its third act, we know something else will be coming soon after the end of the event.

Here at TOuk Blog, we love speculating and coming up with ideas for updates to come so Act 3 normally means roll up your sleeves and dig into the clues of what’s coming next. I was digging around for some clues and didn’t find many official clues (teasers etc.) but when I looked at dates of the game, I had a pretty strong idea of what’s to come. So, let’s get started …

Image result for Irish tsto

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New Teaser: We’re going around the world … Very soon!

So EA have definitely liked to tease us recently and EA normally have a few ways to give us that little sneak peak for us secret Speculators to encode and have fun with:

1) App Store descriptions often leave some teaser questions.

2) EA’S official Facebook Teasers – I love these. Logging into Facebook and seeing an exciting image with a little teasing description is pure pleasure to this speculating tapper.

And VERY recently (quarter of an hour ago) I logged into Facebook and saw a little teaser that has confirmed some speculation of mine that I am saving for a bigger post. Here it is…

Want all the charm of international travel without ever having to take a bad passport photo? Get prepared for some global adventures from the comfort of your own Springfield!


So this definitely confirms an Around the World event with content from the many “Simpsons go to…” episodes that have provided mountains of content for us. EA definitely have added loads of clues for this event in a very short amount of time, and I want to save these clues and speculation for another post, so I think EA are doing this very soon. Teasers normally mean in the next week so I expect to see something next Tuesday – usual major event release day. But keep an eye out!

What do you think this means? What content do you want to see? When do you see it hitting? Tell us below and Happy Tapping …


Winter 2016 unreleased content: Pt. 1 – Shelbyville

Before I start, quick sorry for the lack of posts. Haven’t had access to a computer and uploading this vast amount of media is hard on my phone. Enjoy

Hello Tappers! Hope you are enjoying this Winter/Pagan event 😄. I have learnt to love it – it’s actually really fun and they have still incorporated some returning “consumerism” Christmas items most were expecting. With some updates EA adds content to the files which isn’t active – this is called unreleased content.

What is unreleased content? This is content added to the files that isn’t scheduled to arrive in a future date. Sometimes it could be an image from the show, an unlock screen or some form of content.

EA used to add future event content into the files but this was stopped, I guess to stop spoiling the surprise! But with this event we have been chucked LOADS of unreleased content – some seems random (look out for Pt. 2) but there are a few items that hit a theme: SHELBYVILLE

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The Theories of TSTO Winter 2016

What are you doing today in your town? Not much? Enjoy it whilst it lasts (clear up some space, put characters on short tasks, rack up those donuts) because it MIGHT be the last day(s) of lull before th extremely fun yet hectic Winter event.

In this post I break down the brief and elaborate theories about what will happen with Winter 2016. ALL SPECULATION and nothing has been confirmed. Read on …

So guessing by recent event structures I believe that the event will start tomorrow (Tuesday 6th). I have done quite a few pre-event posts, I just LOVE Christmas, so some of these theories I will briefly explain or elaborate on and then send you to a link.

Theory 1: Something to do with the elf


Last week we got a Gnome in your Home Box decorations and some people are going crazy about sometimes it being open. The files can confirm this and it does seem a real waste to have an empty box image if there was no story or event to go with it. I do have a strong feeling that this elf will have something to do with the event.

Read more about it here!

Or is the elf and it’s origins a clue to a second theory?…

Theory 2: Hannukah (a Jewish Christmas)

Image result for rabbi krustofski

The elf is a tie in to an upcoming episode “The Night before Krustmas” which is an episode revolving around Krusty, his religion and his family. The episode will also feature Rabbi Krustofski in some flashback form so is a tie-in to the episode a clue that we might get something Jewish relayed. There are so many Jewish Wintery items (Hannukah related) and many people have been wishing for something Hannukah related for years now so I wouldn’t be surprised if EA decided to give in.

I also touched upon the idea on this post here.

And now for a theory that I haven’t touched upon in a post before…

Theory 3: Mall event 

Back in the Superheroes 2 takedown (doesn’t seem like long ago) we got this description:


In nearly all takedown descriptions we get all the answer to the teaser questions. Sometimes with a joke tease. Let’s take the above example and analyse which update the question was teasing towards:

  • A random set of summer sports? – teases the Springfield Games mini-event
  • An invasion by doppelgangers from another dimension? – teasing towards the SciFi update

But the ‘arrival of a brand-new outlet mall’ was never given in the game. I know this was a while back and I can totally see how this was maybe just an ‘added extra’ to tease and trick us, I do see how it could allude to some mall related Christmas event. EA will be extremely organised, despite what some people think, and they most defitnatly knew what they wanted for the Christmas event half a year before (heck, if I was behind EA then the whole event would have been finished by the end of Winter 2015).Yesterday I made a 5 minute podcast about a ‘Springfield Mall’ expansion –  I have so many more ideas about it that many more parts to come but they will be released in a quiet time in the event or after the event so may be a while:

I would love an event or time of year to go INSIDE a building and because of the vast amount of content we see inside the mall and the many amount of episodes that have it I think the mall is the perfect building to base an expansion around.

But the teaser says ‘a brand-NEW outlet mall’ suggesting that we will get a new mall. Maybe the Christmas/Winter event will be based around Shopping as there are so many ideas to base around this theme!

Some people are speculating that because of the early store tab we won’t get a Winter update. 100% disagree with this – EA will not miss out this festive season which has been providing them donut money since their beginning. I do see how we might get a shopping inspired event, and I would love and can see this happening (with Gil, shops, Costington and his daughter, security guard guy – apparently he has a name!), but I do not think this means we won’t get Winter. It will still be Winter, if EA will do this, but EA will base it around Christmas shopping.

This is what I think is happening but look out for a teaser, I imagine that one will hit TODAY so look out, as that is when we can truly start speculating.

Physic Sam has spoken so now I want to hear your ideas. Post a comment below, look out for any news and Happy Tapping …


Elf’s, Hanukkah, Election? What could possibly be next?

Have you opened door 2 of the Advent Calendar?

Hello everyone. I truly had expected the event to have hit yesterday so wasn’t expecting to do a non-event post. In this post I speculate what some additions might mean to the VERY near future of Tapped Out.

I have a feeling that SOMETHING is hitting today – it isn’t like EA, judging by the current update timeline – to leave us a weekend without anything. This may not be the winter event.

Only 11 updates, in the 4 year history of Tapped Out, have hit on a Friday so it is rare for the event to hit today but there is still hope – it’s Christmas.

So I think a mini update will hit today with maybe a bit of dialogue, a few items and maybe a bit of a tease for Winter (like last year’s teaser dialogue). But what could be in this mini-update? Well … Let’s book back to the Halloween 2016 takedown …

It all makes sense: a thanksgiving mini-event (check), a winter event (it is coming) and ‘A recount of the presidential election’, I did believe that this was a joke but maybe not! Maybe we will get a mini-update with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or BOTH (*shivers*). Or maybe we are just getting a few voting items (voting station?) revolving around Quimby. Or maybe something to do with President Lisa that we got with the SciFi event. Who knows? Answer: EA *annoyes grunt*

BUT in the takedown description everything seems in order: a thanksgiving event, a Winter event and an election update. Does that mean the election update is coming AFTER the Winter event? Again, only EA knows. But after Winter makes sense because it could tie in with the inauguration for Donald Trump.

Now to Christmas/Winter! Because of the slim chance that it will hit today, EA plEAse prove me wrong, I believe it will hit Tuesday 6th. Tuesday is one of the most popular release dates, especially recently, and the 6th is round the average for the Winter release dates. However Wednesday has become the popular release date so would be surprised if EA postponed it for the 7th.

We are waiting for the official EA tease on Facebook, IF they do one, but have they already given us some info?

We got a gnome box … Surely can’t mean anything, right? Well … The gnome box is a small tie-in to the episode “The Nightmare before Krustmas”, an upcoming Christmas episode, but it seems a bit early for them to add it JUST for a tie-in so I believe it will play an essential part in this year’s Winter event. 

What else does this tell us? Well … The episode ” The Nightmare before Krustmas” features a few Krusty family members including Sophie and a bring back, ghost form, of Rabbi! Could the tie-in also be saying we might get a Hanukkah themed winter event?? Wookie and tappers globally have been speculating and pleading for a Hannukkah/Jewish Winter event so is this THAT year. 

All speculation but for the brief summary, here are my SPECULATION date predictions:

  • Today (Friday 2cd): mini-update
  • Over the weekend or Monday: a Winter Facebook teaser
  • Tuesday 6th: the Winter/Hanukkah/Christmas event

Hope you enjoyed my spoonful of speculation. Speculate before about what you think is coming. Enjoy your day and Happy Tapping …


Spoilers: New Facebook Teaser!

Roll up, Roll up for your latest TSTO news arrived unexpectedly recently today! EA just released a teaser on Facebook for the future event and it sounds amazing. Read on …

Post includes spoilers of upcoming events and possible content!

The Teaser:

“A special guest is rolling into town! And it’s not Albert the World’s Fastest Man! Be ready for science, robots and more in an update coming soon”

The silhouette is exactly like Stephen Hawkins and with the clues “Roll in” – wheelchair reference – and the talk of science, we know that Stephen Hawkins himself is coming to town. 

The man himself has appeared in many episodes – some just cameos – and appeared in: 
“They Saved Lisa’s Brain”
“Treehouse of Horror X”
“Don’t Fear the Roofer”
“Stop or My Dog Will Shoot!”
“Elementary School Musical”
“Behind the Laughter” and …
The Simpsons Movie

He would be the first guest star in TSTO – characters like Milo don’t count because they didn’t play themselves they were just voiced by guest stars!

So you can see that despite being extremely influential to the world he also deserves to be in TSTO because of his many Simpsons appearences. I would love to see him have tasks of “blasting off” in his wheelchair and I can’t wait for what EA has in store for us.

With the talk of Science and Robots I just hope that something big, new and exciting will arrive – for the OS limit – like a Time Travel feature! I could keep speculating … What features would you like to see?

I believe the event will hit Tuesday (or Wednesday) as that is when they can start to have fun for the OS limit.

So… what to do?

  • Tomorrow, keep characters on short tasks! The essential, early level characters (Krusty, Homer, Lisa, Cletus etc) will probably be needed for event tasks.
  • Save up the donuts! Events always give us new and returning items – fun in store for us … Coming soon!
  • Be patient 😊

I believe that there will be 1 more teaser and that could hit tomorrow with more news for this upcoming event! What do you think it all means? Excited? I am! Excited for the first guest appearance in TSTO? Tell us below … Happy tapping …


Superhero Sequel tEAsers …

Some Tapped Out news fellow tappers but before I continue you have been warned that …

This post contains SPOILERS! SPOILERS AHEAD! Read on for your pleasure …

I am super hyped up for the upcoming “suped-up sequel”! EA just released a new teaser for this fun upcoming event! Now that the first teaser is up we know that this is the next big thing, likely to hit soon after the Chilliad end, and I can not wait!!!

In this post you will find every tEAser for the Superhero Pt 2 upcoming event so I will update this as they come with a short analysis of what they mean! Enjoy …

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