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The Origin of: Super random event items

We have less than 24hr until the Superheroes 2 event ends and we have some fun with speculating for the next big thing. With all events come items, prizes and craftables that, almost always, have a fun origin in The Simpsons.

In these posts we explore the fun features of items in the show. Today we roundup some leftover random items and explore their origins. We explore the origins of: Giant Snake in Tree, High Voltage Transformer, Burn’s Summer Mansion, Attack Helicopter and the Kiosk
Tapped Out Kiosk.pngBurns' Summer Mansion BW.png
Tapped Out Giant Snake in a Tree.pngTapped Out Attack Helicopter.pngOrphan Alley.png

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Super Sequel: 24hr warning!

The criminals will leave. Comic book trees will fade. Questlines end and prizes vanish. Yep, that can only mean one thing! 24hrs until the end of Superheroes 2

What does that mean?

  • Comic book style will be gone: tree’s will go back to normal and the font will change from comic to the classic. Although this won’t leave until the takedown update which could be hours or days after the event end
  • All main questlines will go! All questline unlocked with prizes or store items will remain so leave those aside for now and tappa tappa tappa to reach the end of the main ones
  • Criminals won’t die until the event event end but currency means nothing
  • You won’t be able to craft or gain prizes so store up on craftables as trading cards mean nothing after the event so use them all. You never know when you might need a random craftable you brought

So that is what we are certain will happen (main questlines, prizes and crafting won’t be available) but the rest we will find out when the event ends and with the takedown update.

To go to all the posts about this suped up sequel then CLICK HERE

Happy tapping all …


The Origins of: Stretch Dude, Clobber Girl, and Bouncing Battle Baby 

Hi Super Skyfingers! It’s act 3, and today, I’m doing a post on the Pint-sized Hero, Bouncing Battle Baby! You May not recognize BBB from any Simpsons Episode, that’s because, she wasn’t in a episode! In fact, she made her debut in Simpsons Comics Issue #60, fighting along side Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl. Read on! 

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The Origins of: Radioactive Man episode items

This post would have a massive title if I included all the items that come from the Radioactive Man episode due to the mass amount of items that come from this episode.

In this post we explore the origin story, because all Superheroes and super items need one, behind items in our games. We will explore where these items come from:

  • The Scout Master
  • Sidekick Milhouse
  • Spirograph Factory
  • Aqua World Fuel Tank
  • Aqua World Prison Tower
  • Aqua World Fishing Platform
  • Aqua World Main Guard Tower
  • Aqua World Wharf
  • Alien
  • Milhouse’s Trailer
  • Painted Horse
  • X-Ray Truck
  • Radioactive Man Movie Set

I know! Can you imagine the title? So strap on for a trip down memory lane for a true classic episode …

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All You Need To Know Combo Pack: Milhouse’s Trailer and Beach House 

Jiminy Jillikers  Super Skyfingers! Milhouse’s Trailer and the Radioactive Man Film Set have been released into our games, so I figured I would do a All You Need to Know Combo Post, with Milhouse’s Trailer, and another act 3 premium item, the Beach House! 

(The Beach House is Simpsons Tapped Out Exclusive) 

Milhouse’s Trailer in the Simpsons: 

Milhouse’s Trailer comes from the Season 7 episode “Radioactive Man”. Milhouse Is cast as Fallout Boy for the Radioactive Man Film. Milhouse gets his own trailer filled with Candy, and Arcade Machines, too bad his too busy working on the Film to enjoy it. 

Milhouse’s Trailer and Beach House in Tapped Out: 

Milhouse’s Trailer is a Decoration, and The Beach House is A Building. Milhouse’s Trailer is 40 Donuts, and the Beach House is 120 Donuts. 

Radioactive Man has a 16 Hour Task at the Beach House to “Shirk His Responsibilities” 

Milhouse has a 12 Hour task to “Sulk about Fame” 

Final Verdict: 

Milhouse’s Trailer is a Fun Item. It’s awesome if you’re making a “Radioactive Man Film Set”  Area. It also gets you a 12 hour premium job for Milhouse. Buy it! . I wouldn’t buy the Beach House though. It’s 120 Donuts for building, and there are much better deals this Act like the Scoutmaster. 

What’s your opinion on Milhouse’s Trailer and Beach House? Comment Below! 


Gil Returns: Radioactive Man Film Set rundown

Guess who’s back, back again
Gil is back, tell a friend

Yes, you heard me right! Gil is back for a second shot at selling you a rubbis– I mean bargain in this superhero sequel.
Gil brings something out the files – unreleased – to give you a fun, but as usual a pricey, new item!

Read on for more infomation and whether you should buy this deal …
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The Return of Pinchy: His origins and more

As are super skyfingers frantically tap tap tap to gain rewards (poor criminals!) we sometimes forget that the name of the game is The Simpsons Tapped Out so most items, but not all, have an origin in Simpson’s episodes.

We see the arrival of the Boss Fight today and the boss is … Pinchy, back from the dead. Did you know he died? If you didn’t know that, then the arrival of him in our games probably wasn’t a “plot-twist”.

Explore in this post where Pinchy came and how he is back in our games. Read on …
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All You Need to Know: Social Battle Prizes 

Hi Super Skyfingers! It’s the start of Issue 3, and as the event is ending, it’s time for An All You Need To Know on the Social Battle Prizes! Read on! 

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All you need to know: The Scoutsmaster

Issue 3 hit recently, get the rundown post here, of this suped-up sequel event! With Springfield gone super (again!) it means new prizes, quests, “adventures” and of course items hitting throughout. More items means more info to gather and compile into fun posts!

In this post we explore a fun character, The Scoutsmaster, who is released as a stand alone character that hit with Issue 3. Read on for all the information you need on the funniest, yet “the worst villain of them all” according to Fallout Boy …

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Happy Bastille Day! All You Need To Know: Charcoal Briquette and France Flag

Hey Super Skyfingers! Today is Bastille Day, and to celebrate, EA has added the French Femme Fatale Charcoal Briquette into our games. Read on! 

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